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                             World Peace Starts At Home!
This song and music video wraps our arms around all families, with a special honor to our Soldiers and Veterans on this Memorial Day as we make a declaration to end war. It may not happen in our lifetime but it "IS" possible to live harmoniously with our other souls in the world, by just understanding that "World Peace Starts At Home!"

As a psychotherapist, having treated veterans for PTSD, it is my honor to salute them in this Special Music Video titled: World Peace Starts At Home! 

I think this song and music video may be one of the most important songs and videos that UR2.Global may ever create. It is my sincerest hope that it will help both military AND civilian families build happier homes where our HUGS are only needed for joyous celebration versus needing to uplift mankind due to the harsher parts of our physical journeys.

Please enjoy and share with your friends and families and of course any soldiers and veterans you know.  To join Dr. Kemp in solidarity, please come out to support her during her "Dr. K's Music Therapy's Inner-Peace Equals World Peace Tour".  She's open to adding "house concerts" to her tour as she travels the world with her message. To find out more visit her music website at


​World Peace Starts At Home
A Call For Happy Families & End War 
With a Special Tribute to Soldiers & Veterans
Music Video Produced by UR2.Global
Copyright © Dr. K's Music Therapy (aka Dr. Amelia Kemp) & UR2.Global
Lyrics & Melody by Dr. K's Music Therapy

Spoken Word Performed by Lamarr Kemp, II - Actor & Voice-Over Artist
Music Arranged by Premik Russell Tubbs & Dr. K's Music Therapy​

Song Produced by Premik Russell Tubbs