This entry shows the self-esteem of a woman who was determined to share a song that she wrote and held in her heart for a long time, and finally decided that "it was not too late" to produce. The song itself is about a woman's search for the answers to life's challenges on her way to becoming who she hopes to be.

After being winning a spot on America's got talent she is seen here singing with the woman she stated that she wanted to be like at her initial rehearsal when the judges and audience laughed. But here we see her dream came true! 

Here is a painting created by UR2.Global Co-Founder as

inspiration that it's not too late to embrace any of the creative arts as this was her first painting.


4th Fridays - 

Chapter II: It's Not Too Late!

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Chapter II - It's Not Too Late and


           Supporting Woman Artists Now

  SWAN Day is a Program of Women Arts 

Who doesn't remember the amazing self-esteem that Susan Boyle from Britain demonstrated in her epic try out on America's Got Talent. She single-handedly got women all over the world to wake-up and go pursue their talents and crafts!  The judges were not enthusiastic about her until she opened her mouth and unleashed her heart.

Humor is such an uplifting aspect of our sense of self where we remember not to take ourselves so seriously. This song will put a smile on your face.

ABOUT - Ur2 Self-Esteem - Chapter II: It's Never Too Late Project 

Created for women fifty and over (50+) whose self-esteem was diminished because they thought it was too late to accomplish their heartfelt desires. Many got distracted by life, spent years raising the kids and/or working to support their families and never got around to investing in their own dreams. Thus, every 4th Friday of each month is dedicated to showcasing ARTS in any of the four main categories above that honor women in Chapter II of their lives - returning to their creative arts. Ur2 Co-Founder is a testament to this reclamation having released her first original music cd at age 50+ stating that trauma took her away from her music and healing brought her back. The first Chapter II showcase in April will honor International SWAN DAY (Supporting Women Artists Now) sponsored by Woman Arts.

NOTE: Works need to be submitted by 5pm (EST-USA) on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the 4th Friday of each month. Check submission guidelines for the category of your entry above or click here to submit entry.

  • Lord I'm Listening5:07

Some more comic relief about aging and how we can still feel good about ourselves as our body changes reminding us that our time here in the physical is indeed temporary which is why its important to make sure we enjoy each day to the fullest.

Sometimes contemplating one's self-esteem takes place by being introspective and going to sacred spaces where we can commune with spirit. This collection of female jazz singers is featured here with beautiful world landscapes that uplift the spirit and will hopefully invoke within the listener a desire to unleash your own creative juices and share your creative works here remembering its not too late!