NOTE: Please Enjoy the Two (2) "She" Music Videos below:

1) She by Dr. K's Music Therapy and

2) SHE by Kiirstin Mariyn beneath the first video.


Kiirstin Marilyn's song "She" co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, is a beautiful dedication to her refugee grandmother and uplifts the self-esteem of ALL women, reminding them that each woman is strong! Her performance of the song in the video is truly heartfelt!! UR2.Global is honored to have Kiirstin as an Artist-in-Residence! Click here to view her bio.

Performed by Kiirstin Marilyn 


Honoring Women Artists

Celebrating S.W.A.N. DAY 2017

3rd Place Winner in Women ARTS.Org INTERNATIONAL SWAN DAY Song Contest 

(See below)

Lyrics and Melody Written and Performed by Dr. K's Music Therapy

Music Arranged and Produced by Premik Russell Tubbs

Music Video Produced by UR2.Global


​​​​Song:                  3rd Place Winner

 WomensArts.Org International Song Competition for S.W.A.N. Day 2017.

SWAN stands for Supporting Women Artists Now!  

Please visit and support their organization at WomenArts.Org.  

We are honored to have been apart of such a meaningful celebration for women artists globally. And were delighted to learn that there were 177 other song entries, so this was a tremendous honor!!!

As as psychotherapist/singer/songwriter and Co-Founder of UR2.Global, an ARTS organization created to uplift the self-esteem of humanity via the ARTS, its such a pleasure collaborating with like-minded organizations that also understand the importance of individual empowerment, especially for souls that feel they have been discriminated against and/or disenfranchised. As such, the song "SHE" and music video, was created to assist in reminding women that each of us can emerge and live up to our most sacred potential which is often found in our creativity.

The examples of women in the video give voice to this declaration. And we are so proud to feature all of them, including some of our own UR2.Global Artist-in-Residence such as, Roxi Victorian, Missy Crutchfield and Kristin Hoffmann. Also, based on the UR2.Global mission and the force driving my Dr. K's Music Therapy, we presume you understand that these women are simply "examples" of beacons of light, and do not usurp the light from others. Therefore, we hope this video empowers women to know that UR2 (you are too!) beacons of light, that the world is waiting the see shone.  

                                                                            ARTISTS CALL!!!

UR2.Global is seeking additional Artists-in-Residence as well as Guest Artists to participate in our ARTS project which spans five continents!!!!  If you are a performing artist, visual artist, or literary artist, we invite you to check out our site and submit your art-form to help us uplift the self-esteem of humanity, and we will showcase your work on our site. For More Information click the "About" link and "Artist-In-Residence" link on the orange navigation bar (above). And fyi, our 2017 Honorary Artist-in-Residence is a "5 Time Grammy Award Winner" that has commissioned an instrumental song for songwriters and spoken word poets to use for our 2017 Artists Challenge. For more information click the "Pablo Stennett Artist Challenge" Link (above) or if you would like to submit your own original work click the Projects link (above). 


           Your Sister in Spirit and Fellow Artist


​            aka Dr K.'s Music Therapy


SHE by Kiirstin Marilyn