As mankind continues to explore the question: "Who Am I?", art is created to further that call. This photograph depicts self-esteem in the way it asks that age old proverbial question and commands that we summon the confidence to seek the answers from within. 


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Self-esteem is about summoning the confidence to be who you truly are. And this art piece is a reminder of the lyrics: "I see you true colors shining through, I see your true colors and that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let them show - your true colors are beautiful..."

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Art expression is such an amazing and versatile gift and way to uplift self-esteem. Here this artist chose an unique palette of rocks to send messages to the world to believe in oneself and create.

Selomon Closson's Elephant Art demonstrates self-esteem in how it challenges us to not just follow the leader as expected but to make our own footsteps and explore new paths. To view more of his art please click here.

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Self-esteem at its best here with a child enjoying the beauty and wonder of her own shadow

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This photography depicts self-esteem in its ability to capture the surfers mastery and exilaration of surfing (knowing that she is good and worthy to be focused upon). This art piece also depicts the photographers acute eye and self-esteem in trusting that he or she had an ability to find the artistic expression of a sport in a way that each of us are able to join in this moment of ecstasy and triumph! 

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Submission Guidelines:

Quality - Amateur art works are good enough! We are more concerned with the meaning and intent of each work. Professional art pieces and photography are also welcomed and receive the same Ur2 awards as the other entries. At Ur2.Global we are viewed as equals with individual uniqueness and resources.

Theme: The Ur2 Virtual Art Exhibit will display art works that promote self-esteem within its theme. We seek original paintings, drawings, photography, posters, sculptures, jewelry with words, etc. that strike a cord within the human spirit reflecting one's value and worth. Artist may submit one art piece per month as part of the Ur2 Virtual Art Exhibit. We can hyperlink to your website or art gallery for anyone wanting more information about your art form.

Genre:  We seek to exhibit paintings, drawings, photography, posters, sculptures, jewelry with words, must promote self-esteem in....

Length:  Entries can be a minimum of one minute and no longer than 10 minutes.

Language:  Any wording on your art must be appropriate for general audiences and all ages.

Format:   JPEG or PDF 300 dpi. (You may also send just the link to your        Vimeo, You tube or Art Exhibit videos for us to embed on our site).

Time-frame for Viewing on Ur2.Global - Your entries will be uploaded to our site and showcased below within five to seven days once your entry clears our general audience criteria. We will add a brief summary to the entry in order to let our viewer know how it relates to self-esteem. Your entry will then be added to our bi-weekly email with a link to our social media alerting followers of any new entries.

Awards:  Your award will be sent to the email address you submitted for you to print out. It will have our organization's authentic watermark for you to know it is official. (Note: If you do not have a printer we will mail your certificate to the address you supply.) ​​


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This poster is a prayer or perhaps a hope that mankind will give themselves their own permissions to develop the self-esteem to be the soul-filled being that we came into the physical world to be.



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Ur2 Self-Esteem Visual Arts Entries

This photography demonstrates how self-esteem requires that our heads be wired on straight. The photographer seems to inherently understand that finding new positive thoughts may require rewiring.

Peggy Cross's Collection - Latest addition: "I AM" - Paint Strokes of Light - is what we love about this artist's use of color and technique. She also shares her own interpretation of the healing energy and frequencies within her pieces . Click here to visit her site.

This art piece demonstrates an appreciation for the self in the "now moment" where one is a piece and somewhat in awe of being in a physical body able to sense the world. In moments like these it reminds us that nothing is wrong and that in fact all is well within the universe and within ourselves!