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Bosom Buddies LYRICS

Copyright 2017 Dr. K's Music Therapy aka Dr. Amelia Kemp

Verse 1

We're bosom buddies

that's who we are,

we're tied together

despite a scar


We picked this body,             

to be feminine

and then you showed me

I'm more than skin  

I'm more than skin


Verse 2

I called on angels                   

Holy, Holy!

they lit the path

that led to Thee...


They came so close whispering

right through the wind

We're bosom buddies.   

we're here to mend


Verse 3

We're bosom buddies.                      

You are my friend,                        

now you fortify me

as my spirit within   


We're bosom buddies                 

skating in pink

with precious time here

before we blink  


Verse 4  (

And now we know                         

we're here in part

just like all others

to share our hearts


But our milk's not meant to               

run down our chest,

but to also nurture

our own life's quest  

our own life quest

Were bosom buddies                          

That's who we are

Spirits in truth

Just changing our bra! 

Just changing our bra!


Lyrics and Melody Written and Performed by Dr. K's Music Therapy aka Dr. Amelia Kemp 

Copyright 2017 Dr. Amelia Kemp

Music Arranged & Produced by Producer of The Year - Aubrey Whitfield  

Aubrey is an award-winning producer who has produced songs for X Factor and other prominent projects. 

This song was created as a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Awareness Month! This song honors Breast Cancer Survivors to reinstill their self-esteem despite their physical body changes. The song was also written with hopes that women get their regular breast exams.

It wasn't until Dr. K was called back for a re-test of a routine annual exam that she said was "the scariest week of her life waiting for the results", which were negative. Thank God! So it was from that experience that this song was placed on her heart for all the other women that she knows that are friends or clients who have had to face this challenge.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Kemp learned that many of these women naturally feel the loss of one or both of their breasts. And some felt their femininity was now altered in ways that lowered their self-esteem. So this song is a reminder to all that they are still beautiful women, made in the image and likeness of the Creator! So the song is a celebration of life, sisterhood and eternal spirit! The song was written, performed, and produced by women for women including award winning Producer of the Year - Aubrey Whitfield in London (pictured below) who has produced for the tv show X-Factor, Kelly Clarkson and other notable artists.


October Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

100% of Proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Forever