Project of The Sacretherapy Institute, Inc.

A 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Not-for-Profit Organization


Dedicated to the United Nations & NGO's

Lyrics and Melody Written and Performed by Dr. Amelia Kemp aka Dr. K's Music Therapy

Arranged and Produced by Premik Russell Tubbs

and Video Produced by UR2.Global

Self-esteem is about loving and appreciating who we really are - the good parts as well as the parts of us that we are attempting to change. Therefore, this song and music video was created to convey that only when we show up as our most "authentic selves"

can inner-peace be accomplished and World Peace be achieved.

 Dedicated to the United Nations and all NGO's

striving to ensure that cultural, spiritual, and individual differences be honored

so that each person can feel good about themselves and their individual uniqueness. 

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