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                       Reaching For Stable

Lyrics & Melody by Dr. K's Music Therapy

  Music Arranged by Premik Russell Tubbs & Dr. K's Music Therapy

Song Produced by Premik Russell Tubbs

Music Video Produced by UR2.Global

This song was initially written to uplift those with addictions and depression, however, in reviewing the lyrics it occurred to Dr. K that as a psychotherapist the song helps us all of mankind become keenly aware of life's challenges and how hard it is sometimes to keep it together.  And since no one has it together 24/7, not the Pope, not your favorite leader, not your preacher or teacher,  this song gives voice to these uncertain times that cause fluctuations in our sense of emotional stability, especially when it feels like one's life is constantly going up and down.

So whether one is attempting to self-soothe through the use of alcohol and substances, meditation or medication, or food, sex, and relationships, this song attempts to give HOPE to this tender matter of the human condition.