Dr. K's Psychodrama

 "Healing Mankind On & Off the Therapy Couch"

                 Dr. K utilizes aspects of psychodrama and its standard techniques such as mirroring, doubling, role rehearsal, and soliloguy (the act of sharing one's inner thoughts via talking aloud), along with her poetic ventilation and exaltation that she's been writing and performing for almost as long as she has been singing. 

               After seeing her first play at age seven she became captivated by the power of the "written word" and became a writer and poet. Her first book was published at age twenty, titled: Look Inside & See The Vision.  A book written in the vernacular of urbania, filled with the perplexities of the human condition which she turned into a play and performed as a one-woman show touring the college circuits.

   However, it was much later in life while obtaining her training in mental health counseling that she was exposed to Dr. Moreno's work via Gestalt Therapy which utilizes psychodrama. He coined the term "psychodrama" in the 1920's. From her exposure to Gestalt Therapy she was able to combine her passion for the performing arts with the human drama, via mental health, offering her services to agencies also listed under "Dr. K's Music Therapy"; as well as in her private practice and weekend retreats as an alternative healing modality. ​Psychodrama allows clients to use spontaneous dramatization and role playing to gain deeper insight into their own processes, such as motivation and behavior. A variety of stressful material may be used that scan the psychological landscape from past unfinished business, to present distress, to future anticipatory anxiety and behavior rehearsal. Kemp has also expanded its use to include prepaving future possibilities of an individual's or society's preferred reality.

              She fully agrees with Moreno in his belief that the best way for an individual to respond to a  situation is through spontaneity in the "here and now" in order to begin to discover new solutions and learn new roles in what Kemp describes as "the off-stage drama of real life". This is where Kemp became enthralled, recognizing too, that one's personal power can only be realized in the precious present moment where the inner-antagonist is actually the only villain one must conquer. It was this realization that allowed Kemp to transcend her previous views with regards to the perception of social unrest to understanding that the true revolution was within.  This is further exemplified in her co-founding the UR2.Global Self-Esteem ARTS Project, where she states that "self-esteem is a vital issue affecting mankind which interferes with one's inner-peace, which she feels must be nurtured if world peace is to be achieved."

             As such, the psychodramas, books, poems and songs she now writes are a sacred call to align with a higher vibrational resonance where personal empowerment and inner transformation are accessed at the frequency of light. She has written and performed psychodramas for The School Board, addiction facilities, The Boys and Girls Clubs, Cultural Centers, Arts Councils, etc., The Heritage Foundation, churches, and UR2.Global Arts Project and most recently for a joint partnership with Gandhi's BE Magazine for their Inner-Peace Equals World Peace Annual Retreat.