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1st Fridays -Ur2-4real - Youth Project SPRING/SUMMER 


The Ur2-4real project for youth was created with hopes of reinstilling in our youth that they are ALL important and valuable contributors to this world society too, for real (4 real)! The Ur2-4real slogan comes from the years that the co-founder spent as a former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the school board and noticed how often she had to emphasize to youth that they too really mattered, and how as they shrugged their shoulders in disbelief she found that once she added "for real" to the sentiment they seemed to believe it more.

Therefore, this project is for grades 2nd-12th to submit ART works in any of the four main categories above that use the slogan "Ur2-4Real" in their art form. It can be posters, reality videos, songs, skits, poems, raps, dance, etc.. Awards will be presented the following Friday after the submission. Schools with the most submissions receive a special artistic gift. Review guidelines for arts categories above or click here.

NOTE: Works may be submitted at any time during the previous month but must be submitted no later than 5pm (EST-USA) on the Sunday prior to any given 1st Friday to be displayed on the first Friday. 


We offer DAILY, WEEKLY, and SPECIAL PROJECTS for mankind to showcase your art-forms to uplift the self-esteem of humanity.

Special Project - LEAVE ME BE! -  An Educational Music Video for Healing Female Genital Mutilation 

This self-esteem project is a psycho-spiritual and psycho-educational music video created in conjunction with the Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation to assist survivors and at-risk girls in healing and transcending the toxic ritual of female genital mutilation in Africa, Asia, Australia and the United States.  We understand the how one feels about their body-temple especially when its been violated or injured greatly impacts self-esteem. The song was written and performed by Dr. Amelia Kemp and features a beautiful ballet by Roxi Victorian and several of the other UR2.Global artists-in-residence.

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2022 UR2.Global - Yify Zhang

Artist Challenge 

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Photo Licensed to UR2.Global


Photo Licensed to UR2.Global

Artwork by Dr. Amelia Kemp - Licensed to UR2.Global 

Within the realm of life there is such diversity of human experience and as such there are those whose self-esteem has been diminished due to living in locked facilities, whether it be hospitals, group homes, addiction facilities or prisons. As such, Ur2.Global seeks submissions from those in these environments that demonstrate how your spirit and mind remains free and keeps your self worth in tact. The art forms we seek are to be testaments that self-esteem comes from within, and how spirit can transcend any outer circumstance if allowed. So these art pieces are not meant to focus on what sent you into the facility but instead what fortifies and keeps you in a state of inner-peace while there and what may ultimately bring you out. And for those who are in locked facilities due to having made punishable mistakes we want you to know that "you" like the rest of us are more than your mistakes! So please know you are worthy to participate. music, art, skits, and spoken word with no profanity are sought.

NOTE: Works need to be submitted by 5pm (EST-USA)  on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the 2nd Friday of each month. ​​Check submission guidelines for the category of your entry above or Click Here to submit.



We recognize that self-esteem is often lower for some people due to their perception of their bodies and therefore we created this supportive project for the body-temple. We will showcase submissions on the 3rd Friday of each month that depicts loving the body in any of the four ARTS categories above. NOTE: Works need to be submitted by 5pm (EST-USA) on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the 3RD Friday of each month. Check submission guidelines for the category of your entry above or click here to submit entry.

Holistic and Alternative Physicians and Healthcare Practitioners from all over the world will offer advice on how to honor the body-temple and take better care of one's physical health. To the right are two of our Global Community Board Liaisons that are physicians helping to assist humanity in this area.                                                                             

2nd Fridays - Ur2 - Unlocked Spirit  - (For Prisons, Homeless

  Shelters, Addiction Facilities, Group Homes & Mental Hospitals)


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Yify Zhang 






Below are Special Projects that feature our Artists-in-Residence, 

as well as visiting artists.  And  EVERY FRIDAY  of the month we showcase supportive projects called: FUN FRIDAYS (see below):


Love Yourself

Photo Licensed to UR2.Global



This Ur2 Self-Esteem - Chapter II: It's Never Too Late Project was created for women forty-five and over (45+) whose self-esteem was diminished because they thought it was too late to accomplish their heartfelt desires. Many got distracted by life, spent years raising the kids and/or working to support their families and never got around to investing in their own dreams. Thus, every 4th Friday of each month is dedicated to showcasing ARTS in any of the four main categories above that honor women in Chapter II of their lives - returning to their creative arts. Ur2 Co-Founder is a testament to this reclamation having released her first original music cd in the 2nd chapter of her life stating that trauma took her away from her music and healing brought her back. The first Chapter II showcase honored International SWAN DAY (Supporting Women Artists Now) an annual event sponsored by WomanArts.Org. This year we will celebrate SWAN DAY on Friday, March 31, 2018. Anyone wanting to submit works for SWAN Day should submit no later than 3-15-18.

NOTE: All other works for 4th Friday's Chapter II need to be submitted by 5pm (EST-USA) on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the 4th Friday of each month. Check submission guidelines for the category of your entry above or click here to submit entry.  Click here to: View Entries.

Dr. Ivan Figeroa (Puerto Rico) - Author of Spirituallity 101 for the Disconnected from the School of Life shares his experience in his Integrative Medical practice to adopt the correct lifestyle changes to assure wellness and joyful lives.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

Dr. Theodore Watkins 
(USA) - Founder of The Watkins Institute offers guidance and videos on nutrition and delicious recipes for smoothies which are part of many healthy products he has created for physical health and well-being.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO