Justin Andries  - Website

​Reiki Master/ Energy

"​Self-esteem is the the foundation upon which our soul flourishes” To enjoy a guided meditation by Jusitin click here

Washington D.C. 

Lyndia Grant  

Radio Host of "Think On These Things" Radio Show

"Without good self-esteem, we fall victim to the belief that the good and bad opinions given to us by others are true!  Good self-esteem is when we KNOW who we are from the inside out!  "Think on these things."

Nevada - Henderson

Reverend Dr. Edwige - Website

Spiritual Guide, Metaphysician and Author

To love, value and appreciate oneself and what you have to contribute to humanity can only be done when you believe in yourself, and that to me is what self-esteem is all about. The ability to stand in your power and speak your truth with confidence, allowing your light to shine for all to see!  Dr. Edwige is author of the award winning book:

"You're Not Crazy - You're Awakening!

Maryland, Cumberland

Shannon Shine - Website

"​Self-esteem is the first step to reaching your dreams, and inspiring others to do the same!"
Shannon is visual artist, a Reiki and Crystal Therapy Practitioner and the creator of Shine Energy Jewelry.  Growing up without her birth parents and shifting through homes as a child, Shannon quickly realized how confidence and self empowerment was the key to success. She now owns her own art shop and shares her art and life philosophy through her projects Shantastic Shine, MountainShine Creative, and co-creation of Project Bring Me 2 Life. 

Florida - USA

Evan Taylor Jones

Singer/Songwriter - Website
"Self Esteem is important for people to have because in a sense, it's trusting yourself and believing in yourself, refraining from doubt and fear. In essence, it is our confidence."

Evan Taylor Jones is an eclectic soul-rock artist and singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Jenny Kloote, a Lead Entertainment Advisor at Walt Disney World theme park (Orlando) may have said it best: “His voice is like bread and butter; so smooth and tasty, I can almost eat it.” Performing as a regular at Disney Springs on most nights of the month, Jones has performed for crowds from all over the world. In 2015, ETJ had the honor of playing for a sold out crowd when he opened for Bob Marley’s legendary band, The Wailers, at the House of Blues in Orlando. Subsequently, Evan auditioned for ‘The Voice’ Season 10 and made it to the blind auditions in February of 2016. 

USA - Washington, DC

Theodore Watkins, M.D.

Alternative Medicine

"Self-esteem is a reflection of your opinion of yourself. When you have healthy self-esteem, you feel good about yourself and see yourself as deserving of good health.  When you have low self-esteem, you put little value on your health and therefore on your habits. Most health problems can be prevented and reversed if we were willing to change our lifestyles.  At first blush, one would think that everyone would change if change brought with it life. However, I have found the opposite to be true.  It has often cause me much anguish until I realized that we must have self love which is built on self esteem to able to forego short term pleasure for long term gain."  

UR2.Global  is seeking volunteer Global Community Board Liaisons

on every continent, in every country, in every city of the world!

NOTE: We will also accept liaisons if you are from another country with family and friends still in your native land and are willing to translate and share UR2.Global Self-Esteem information with the citizens of your country of origin. We want to get the word out to as many people in the world as possible and welcome your help to do so. We will simply note that you were born in the country you will be the liaison for if you are not currently residing there.

If you would like to become a Global Community Board Liaison to uplift the

self-esteem of humanity, please complete the GCBL form below: 
As you can see our global liaisons are unique, wonderful, creators! 
And we know 

Click Here To Complete the GCBL Form

New York - New York

Curtis NeSmith

Poet / Realest Idealist
To KNOW THYSELF is to know the universe, the infinite, & God! This is why self esteem is so important, because you are everything!  The Realest Idealist believes in a society that spiritually empowers each other to enlighten the world! Do you? Being inspired from a life-changing awakening experience, Curtis aka The Realest Idealist vowed to himself that he would help the world know their true, infinite power from within…and that’s when he remembered. Remembered his purpose for being here! The Realest Idealist (the realist idealist) is a play on words. When it comes to duality such as the spiritual and the physical, he's able to have a balanced perception of both sides. Hence, the name. Curtis, is the realest (the most real) of idealists.

Louisiana - Baton Rouge

Roxi Victorian - Ballerina / Pre-doctoral Dance Fellow

Owner of Ballet Victorian 

"I'd expound on what Ruby Dee once said:  "I know enough to know I’m not yet where I’m going to be...I’m always becoming”, so self-esteem is trusting that I have what it takes to become all that I'm meant to be!

USA - California

Stan Sellers  - Actor  (SAG-AFTRA)

"Self-esteem gives one a positive outlook on life and helps you to reach your goals." Stan has been a dedicated artist for most of his life having stared in numerous television shows and films including guest starring roles on Seinfeld, as well as ER, The West Wing, CSI and The Drew Carey Show, and in Eddie Murphy's movie Dr. Doolittle, etc. just to name a few.

Virginia -Virginia Beach
Peggy Cross - A.S.I.D. & Artist - Website
"​I think when a person has high self-esteem is similar to what Picasso said about art in that "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". Peggy has been commissioned to work on site with Feng Shui clients in California, Nevada, Michigan and Abaco, and the Bahamas, in addition to Virginia and Florida where she has lived.  Her original artwork is filled with strokes of light!. Please click here on the "art" link and scroll down the page to see samples of her art currently on exhibit.

Washington, D.C. 

Rev. Sylvia Sumter

Senior Pastor of Unity of Washington, DC​

"“We are all created with infinite potential and to hold ones’ self in high regard is to honor the gift of life by being the very best you can be and to honor the same in others !”

Our Global Community Board Liaison Team

Puerto Rico

Ivan Figureoa, M.D.

Author - Alternative​ Medicine

​​"I believe a good self-esteem is crucial because it will allow you to manifest all of the beautiful potential of your spirit in our daily life. This is why our fellow founders and I welcome your participation. If you would like to send submissions from Puerto Rico please feel free to send them to UR2 email address on the contact page."

Florida. Tallahassee

Mykel T. Brooks

 Vocalist/ Artist/Producer

"Self-esteem...shows in the way you talk, walk, dress, even your work ethic can be judged by how confidently you do them."  Mykel T. Brooks is a certified musician by ear, a master of sound and a writer by pen. With a love for music that extends beyond the heart’s capacity, his very soul is in tune with each melody and rhyme he creates. Mykel is the owner of Nomad Production Studios in Florida.

USA - Maryland

Sister Jenna

​America Meditating​ Founder/Radio Host

"Amelia is all heart and I loved her song, I'm Good Enough. After listening to it, I went deep into my good and was encouraged to allow my song to emerge too. Thanks, Amelia for making so many Good Enough."  Sister Jenna is a prominent motivational speaker and teacher. She is the Director of The Meditation Museum in Maryland and Virginia and the creator of "Pause for Peace."

Our Global Team is comprised of liaisons all over the world who get the word out about how UR2.Global uplifts the self-esteem of humanity, in their unique corners of the world. And as liaisons some also translate our work to their native homelands abroad from the U.S. to ensure our message reach as many as possible as we seek to touch every continent, every country, and every city of the world. Please feel free to click on their names to visit their individual websites to learn about how their wonderful creative arts, projects, or organizations are also assisting mankind.

New York - USA

Jessica Lattman, M.D.

Singer/Songwriter/Surgeon - Website
"Self Esteem is important because it gives you courage, allowing you to explore your full potential. It also allows you to value yourself and think of yourself as a worthy partner, friend, and part of society. Self-esteem is important because it allows you to believe that you deserve to be treated well by others, and it gives you the permission to practice big doses of self care.

​Jessica Lattman is a songwriter, whose music speaks from her heart.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She came to songwriting during her years in Medical School and while training to be a surgeon.  The process of songwriting helped Jessica balance the long days at the hospital.  She is now a practicing surgeon, songwriter, wife and mother of 3. Many of her songs are inspired by her family and written for various milestones in their lives. She is a passionate supporter of mental health care and working to eliminate the stigma of seeking help for emotional difficulties.

South America - Peru

Valentin Baca Banos 

Owner - Valentin Pachamama Journeys - Website
"High self esteem helps us to share the positive energy and love of Pachamama (mother earth)." 

In promoting self-esteem, Valentin's organization partnered with the Wakatinku Foundation and Inmed, a Peruvian humanitarian organization, to provide mebendazole, an anti-parasitic medication, to all 3 of the schools that we have sponsored. Because these children live in close contact with animals, gastrointestinal parasites are common and lead to chronic intestinal symptoms and malnutrition. The directors of the schools will work with the local health clinics to administer the medications to the children twice a year for the next five years, improving their quality of life and basic health.

California - Los Angeles 
Kim Karrington Cartwright - Website
"​Honoring the dignity and beauty of our souls leads to confidence that we are so worth living, we are unique and individual, and each of our lives truly matter."  Kim is author of "The Taste of Freedom - A Poetic, Prosaic, Photographic Journey". Click Here to view this artist in our artist-in-residency features.

AFRICA  Tanzania  

Linda Thrasher 

Linguist (7 languages)  (Born in Tanzania, Linda will translate and share Ur2 with citizens in the Tanzania community.)

"No matter what language a person speaks, their words always reveals how good they feel about themselves. And how we feel about ourselves determines everything."  Linda is also a broker and seeks to assist mankind with one of the most fundamental self-esteem boosters which is to have a place to call home. 

USA - Tennessee

Missy Crutchfield

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gandhi's BE Magazine 

"We honor this mission to uplift the self-esteem of the entire planet." Missy is a social entrepreneur with a passion for education and the media. She has held leadership positions in government, education, and the media as a television producer, reporter, and anchor, as well as radio producer and anchor. 

USA - Atlanta

Lamarr Kemp, II - Performing Artist

"I think self-esteem has to do with knowing who you are and were meant to be which is why I was inspired by this Ur2 project to write and perform a "spoken word" titled: Who You Are!  Viewable within the Literary Arts section - Click Here

Michigan - Waterford

Tagg Smith - Website

​Vocalist (Zippity2Dad)

"​The choice you make to love yourself, will change your life - it's true!  Just remember in all you do, there is no one else like you!"  (Enjoy our entry "You Matter!" by clicking the music link here)

Texas -  Houston

Dr. Rena Menard

President of USNC for UN Women Houston Chapter

"If a human being dreams a great dream, dares to love somebody; if a human being dares to be Martin King, or Mahatma Gandhi, or Mother Theresa, or Malcolm X; if a human being dares to be bigger than the condition into which she or he was born—it means so can you. And so you can try to stretch, stretch, stretch yourself so you can internalize, ‘Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum puto. I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me.’ That’s one thing I’m learning.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou."


Carlos Llaca -  Director Tourism

"La autoestima es muy importante para mi  ya que es la gasolina del motor, sin ella muchas veces no seriamos capaces de realizar ninguna cosa, nosotros como individuos tenemos que valorarnos y creer en nuestro potencial ello ayudara a conseguir nuestras metas.
Al realizarse el individuo como profesional y como persona, construye su camino para la felicidad. La autoestima nos marca como personas y nos ayuda a definir nuestra personalidad. La autoestima que se tiene influirá en casi todo lo que uno hace​​​."

Florida - Tallahassee

Reverend Jean De Barbieris  

​Senior Pastor of Unity Eastside Tallahassee, FL

"Human self-esteem is important to the development of the individual because it is a step along the way to the ultimate realization that it isn’t the human self that is important but the Divine Self."

California - L.A.

Valerie Alexander, Esq. - Website


​"To an outside observer, confidence and competence are perceived as the same, so if you are highly competent, but low self-esteem causes you to behave without confidence, others will doubt your competence. Self-esteem allows you to reflect your true self to the world — to let your light shine, undimmed by self-doubt. "

FRANCE, Cannes

Dr. Andrea Pennington, M.D., C.Ac.

Physician, Author, Artist

​"It is my passion to empower people all over the world to know themselves as the perfect, divine beings that they are, to fully embrace their authentic self and to wholeheartedly share their talents with the world!  Dr. Pennington is author of "Heart to Heart" and a world renown doctor and sex educator. To learn more about her services click her name to visit website. 

Florida -  St. Petersburg

Rev. Lea Chapin, MSW, Div

Author and Owner of Celestial Connections

"Having positive  self-esteem and self-worth are essential for self-empowerment, as unconditional love of self is the greatest gift one can give to themselves ."

Central America - Panama

Humberto Castillero, MBA - Author  (Born in Panama, Humberto will translate and share Ur2 with citizens in the Panama community.)

"Debemos celebrar nuestros talentos como individuos y amarnos a nosotros mismos mientras transitamos por el camino de la vida. Cuando gozamos de auto-estima y aceptamos nuestro valor como personas, entonces podremos ser la mejor expresión de nosotros mismos."

USA - New York 

Kristin Hoffmann


​"This self-esteem project aligns with my goal to spread love, light, peace and truth into the world through music and energetic frequency." Kristin is a Juilliard trained multi-instrumentalist and began building a prolific career in music early in life and has studied opera with many acclaimed teachers. 

New York - New York

Roberta Guzzone 


Self esteem is like the foundation of your home. All that you believe, and can accomplish are built upon it. With self esteem, one is not mired in the opinions of others, but finds the courage to act out of one's own convictions. Self esteem supports one in establishing a steady and stable base of healthy self love, out of which one is able to reach out with love toward others.

AFRICA - Liberia

Angela Peabody

President  - Global Woman Peace Foundation  (Born in Liberia, Angela will translate and share Ur2 with citizens in the Liberian community.)

​"Self-esteem is important because it influences the choices and decisions we make about ourselves.  When we believe we are valuable and important, we tend to take good care of ourselves, and we end up making good decisions."  Global Woman Peace Foundation builds the self-esteem of women healing from FGM.

Texas - Houston

Dave Cameron,  Vice President of UNLines - Website

"​My Mom taught me, , we are not born to be afraid. It is something we learn through the many experiences in our lives. Having this knowledge has given me the advantage to not fear people or situations, because I know my own abilities and self-worth and will not let anyone else destroy what is the core of my soul. We all have someone to thank for who we have become. I thank my Mom and all of the strong women I have in my life and wish to pass along this knowledge, because this is not a secret to be held but one to be shared with others. 

AFRICA- Burkina Faso

Guinossa Nikiema  - Contact

Journalist (Seeking Sponsor)

"​I think self-esteem allows people to live with more integrity and honor the human rights and justice of all the people in the world."

I am seeking a sponsor for to study English and Journalism in USA

California -California -Modesto
Christina Olidem
"​Self-esteem gives you the power to be the person you want to be. It creates a stronger you with endless possibilities."

I am a mother of 3 children one girl and two boys. I work with children and hospice. I love nature and love to travel. ..."

ASIA - China

Wu Dongsheng

​Computer Programmer  (Born in China, Wu will translate and share Ur2 with citizens that live in his homeland in China.)

​""Everyone is born unique. Sometimes it is easy to magnify your shortcomings by others or even yourself. But there is always special strength in you, which may not yet be known. Learn from your shortcomings and at the same time make efforts in the things meaningful to you and others. Your strength will light up on your way."


Julia Taylor

​President - Inner-Self Solutions

"I believe that encapsulated within everyone is the power, within themselves, to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. I am one of the privileged that gets to work with people helping them to realize their self worth and to reach those dreams."

California - USA

Robert Alexander - Founder Life Rhythms

Audio Alchemist - Website
Robert assist mankind with self-esteem as an Audio Alchemist -creating powerful sounds and vibrations that help create a sense of greater well-being. Robert creates custom tailored soundscapes that are used to help them create a sense of greater well-being. Many of these people are experiencing major life transitions, medical challenges and/or experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, grieving, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), ADHD and PTSD. I also have worked with those who classify themselves as empaths and HSP. Very much similar to a doctors prescription, he (metaphorically) creates “audio prescriptions” - soundscapes that are catered directly for individuals and their specific needs. Customized affirmations and customized soundscapes are wonderful tools to help them overcome illness, move through difficult patterns and obstacles, help them create a new belief systems and promote more happiness and wellbeing.

Texas - Houston

Kijana Wiseman, M.ED​ - Vocalist 
"Confidence in one's capabilities, and an understanding of the momentum attitude can contribute to achieving your life goals, is of great importance.  The secret is to know what you can what you it well...and purposefully surround yourself with people who have that same mindset."  

USA - Tennessee

Melissa Turner

​Co-Editor Gandhi BE Magazine 

"We feel the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world', means that change begins with me and with you, and that positive change in our own lives ripples out and impacts the world around us. We all have the opportunity to make a difference in our little corners of the world." Melissa is a also a photographer with a passion for education, health, media and youth development.

USA - Florida

Lamarr Kemp, Sr., MBA -  Board Member

"Self-esteem is not who we are, its how we feel about who we are. I've always believed that the right set of words could help people feel better, and do better. And as the number one fan of my wife's music and her self-help book, I feel there is no better set of words or lyrics to help mankind."

California - Tustin

Lynne Falconer  -Email: :

Certified Dreambuilder ​Coach - Power Beyond Measure Summits

"​"Self esteem is connecting with the Divine Power that flows in, through and around us and allowing that to shine out to lift us and those we connect with, all around us." Lynne is a Certified Dreambuilder Coach and on a mission to teach men and women, as well as the younger generation in High School and College, how to tap into their own invisible power and to transform their lives by deliberately creating the lives they would really love to live. Originally from South Africa.

​​​USA- Florida

Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC Founder-President 

 Singer-Songwriter/ Author/ Psychodramist. "As a psychotherapist, I believe within each of us lies the art of self-esteem that provides inner-peace, and when inner-peace is accomplished world peace is achieved."

Click here to read about the founder.


Canada - Ottawa

Chipo Shambare - Website

Author/ Certified Spontaneous Transformation ​Practitioner

"​Self-esteem helps a person build own self confidence, value themselves. If present the person feels sense worthiness or unworthiness if not present."  Chipo is the author of an amazing book that builds self-esteem titled: "I Am Good Enough For Me!" She is also a Keynote  Speaker, Workshop & Healing Facilitator, Wholistic Self- Discovery Certified Sacred Guide, Relationship Educator & Coach, & Wellness Specialist, ThM emphasis Medical Intuition and provides Archetypes Counseling. Originally from Zimbabwe, Africa.

Maryland, Cumberland

Christopher Selomon Closson - Website

Artist - Founder of Project Bring Me 2 Life

"Self-esteem is the key to ..." unlocking our divine gifts.

Selomon is a performer, artist, musician, author, entrepreneur, podcast producer and host and CEO of Project Bring Me 2 Life. He is also a Spiritual Consultant and Meditation Therapist who enjoys travelling the country hosting classes and workshops on spiritual topics. One of his presentations was on the Practicality of Meditation in which he presented Meditation to healthcare industry leaders about the benefits and practical applications that it provides. Please click here to enjoy one of his wonderful meditations for peace of mind that is currently on exhibit here on the "Body" link.

Washington, D.C.

Dr. Antoine Chevalier - Website

Naturopath Practitioner
Many people suffer from feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, self-doubt, guilt and fear of fully participating in life with a vague sense of “I am not enough” in his book "Hidden powers of creation" and that one of the most significant characteristics of healthy self-esteem is that it is the state of one who is not at war either with himself or with others. Having healthy self-esteem then fully supports the complete elimination of violence and war globally, thereby supporting that healthy self esteem can in fact increase global happiness and peace.

USA - Washington, DC.

Georgia Goslee, Esq.

"I believe that when it comes to self-esteem that you are what you believe."  Georgia is the epitome of self-esteem, as a high school dropout and teenage mother who turned her life around to become a highly sought after lawyer, federal prosecutor and television personality, she knows precisely what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you and just what it takes to get your life on track.

CANADA - British Columbia

Sara Troy - Website

Canadian Radio Network Owner and Host of Self-Discovery Radio (Over 1500 shows) and Author

"​Self-esteem allows us to remain unique so let us be a symphony, each bringing our instrument of love to the dance."

EUROPE, Ireland

Linda Howell


"I feel there is an angelic presence in all of mankind that is the basis of our self=esteem."  Linda is the Founder of Angelic Entrepreneurs and is an artist that creates beautiful angel jewelry. She is from a celtic background and studied music, dance and literature in London in the 1960′s. She grew up playing among the great Stones of the Henge in Salisbury England, and lives with her family on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. 

Michigan - Oxford

Shawn Ryskamp  - Website

Vocalist (Zippity2Dad)

"​Ditto to my co-vocalist's statement above and just remember in all you do, there is no one else like you!" (Our entry "You Matter!" will uplift all ages, kids and adults! Click the music link here and visit website for more Zippity2Dad tunes.