We seek Ur2 Global Community Board Liaisons:

on every continent,

in every country

and every city of the world! 

NOTE: We will also accept liaisons if you are from another country with family and friends still in your native land and are willing to translate and share UR2.Global Self-Esteem information with the citizens of your country of origin. We want to get the word out to as many people in the world as possible and welcome your help to do so. We will simply note that you were born in the country you will be the liaison for if you are not currently residing there.


As a GCBL you will help spread the word about our self-esteem website to your community via email once you are an official member. After your initial email is sent to your contacts you will simply share our site with the people you run into in your daily life that you notice could benefit from self-esteem upliftment.

We will have two semi-annual Ur2.Global Community Board Liaison Meetings via Skype or another internet vehicle to share our progress. As a not-for-profit organization we plan to have an annual fundraiser where you as our wonderful Global Liaisons will receive free tickets and a special honor because we believe there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer!

Please complete the form to the right. The form will require that you send us a head and shoulder photo (in jpeg 300 dpi) along with a three sentence summary about who you are with a statement of why you believe self-esteem is important.

OPTIONAL - As a GCBL, if you have an art form that you would like to showcase on our site as well, by all means know that we welcome your creations!

We will send an email confirming receipt of your form once we also receive your photo via email or dropbox.

​We look forward to joining us!!!

Ur2.Global Staff

NOTE: GCBL must be 21 and over.

Become A Ur2 Global Community Board Liaison