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Lamarr is Vice President and Co-Founder of Ur2.Global and has worked for the empowerment of the world's people in the U.S. and abroad throughout his career as an administrator and consultant. And as a result, he has also encountered consumers with low self-esteem due to a lack of belief in themselves and the systems they encountered.  As a result, he has tried to uplift mankind through economic well- 

About UR2.Global Artists-In-Residence​​

Lamarr Kemp, Sr., MBA

​​​MISSION: Ur2.Global is a project of The Sacretherapy Institute - a not-for-profit 501 C3 organization. The project was created to assist in uplifting the global self-esteem of the world's people via the performing arts, music therapies, psychodrama, literary arts, visual arts, and humanities.

Self-esteem is how one feels about themselves at their core, their value, and self-worth which we believe is tied to spirit. As such, we are a global grassroots psycho-spiritual / psycho-social ARTS media utilizing and showcasing the ARTS aiming to remind mankind of its inherent right to glorify in self-esteem. We invite the world to enjoy the current daily entries listed within the above links and submit your arts for exhibit and positive review. We also seek "Artist-in-Residence" as well as "guest artists" to assist with our social projects, performances, global retreats, festivals, etc. and contribute to the site. Please click our "Artists-in-residence" link above to see the artists and view our in-house residency:       

Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC


Mykel T. Brooks


Emree Franklin

being. He brings three decades of grant writing experience having managed over $30 million in grant projects and government programs. He is a former Executive Director of a not-for-profit association and is an advisor for not-for-profit boards. 

He has led nearly a dozen expeditions to African nations and was a consultant to the late President Omar Bongo of Gabon and was a delegate in The Africa-African-American Summit with Rev. Leon Sullivan, Rev. Jessie Jackson and Dick Gregory and 200 other leaders. During his journeys he has met with African ministers to improve economic well-being.  

His overall experience as an administrator, grant-writer, and coordinator of

international expeditions and conferences brings ease to The Sacretherapy Institutes' UR2.Global social ARTS projects,  international retreats, festival operations and logistics. He also ensures our international alliances align with UNESCO mandates and honors cultural customs. Inspired by his participation in African tribal ceremonies he dabbles with drumming and sound therapies.

In addition to Co-Founding the Ur2.Global project, Mr. Kemp also directs a government program where he administers a $3 million dollar budget and is President of STK Development. To View his Full Bio Click Here


Stan Sellers

is an author, licensed psychotherapist, metaphysician, and singer /songwriter who performs as Dr. K's Music Therapy. She holds a non-secular doctorate in Metaphysical Theology and a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. She is a Board Certified Holistic Healer with the AAMA and President of The Sacretherapy® Institute - UR2.Global Project, named after her radio show and groundbreaking book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy - Alternative Holistic Descriptions and Healing Processes for 170 Mental and Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide. Her book and music incorporates Jungian and Transpersonal psychologies.


Pre-Doctoral Dance Fellow

Roxi Victorian


Kim Karrington Cartwright

2017 Honorary Artist-in-Residence


Pablo Stennett



Kristin Hoffmann

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UR2.Global commissions Artist-In-Residence to assist with global projects that uplift the self-esteem of humanity via humanitarian projects, artists colonies, workshops, festivals, plays and retreats. Artists-in-residence may be paid and volunteer for projects that expand their individual and collective portfolios. All original works written and performed for UR2.Global are considered "works for hire" and remain the copyright of UR2.Global.

Each year, The Sacretherapy Institute will select an "honorary artist-in-residence" whose work as an artist uplifts mankind. The selected artist will also share an interest in supporting the UR2.Global project and mission to showcase the ARTS for the purpose of uplifting self-esteem by commissioning one of their works to be utilized and contained on the UR2.Global website as the backdrop of a self-esteem project for students, working artists, aspiring artists and retired artists. 

Any artist interested in joining us as an Artist-In-Residence is welcomed. Submit your resume and share how your work as an artist relates to self-esteem, self-love and/or self-confidence and uplifting mankind. And if you are an aspiring artist simply share how your work will align with this intention. We also request that at least one of your works be submitted to be showcased on the site. College and Post-grad interns seeking fellowship appointments may send resume. 

NOTE: Artists that are not interested in participating in our in-house projects may simply submit their work to be showcased on the UR2.Global site as a general contributor and will not be listed as an artist-in-residence or called on as projects arise and instead will be listed as a guest contributor.

Click here to view the biographies of the Artist-in-Residence below:

Project of The Sacretherapy Institute, Inc.



Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC


Former 2016 Honorary


Premik Russell Tubbs


She has lectured and performed for many organizations including the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, with best selling authors such as Dr. C. Norman Shealy (Soul Medicine), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), etc., and is a former Adjunct Psychology Instructor for two colleges.

As an artist, she Co-founded UR2.Global - a psycho-spiritual arts project created to uplift the self-esteem of humanity receiving over 400,000 media impressions worldwide. Her songs tell the story of the human condition attempting to connect mankind to the Source of their being, as does her psychodramas, such as "Look Inside & See The Vision"; "Roots - Where Do We Grow From Here?" and "GAIA/Sacred Geometry: Inner-Peace = World Peace" that she co-wrote. She has been honored as an "Artist For Peace" and "Global Change-Maker" by Gandhi's BE Magazine and was a member of the Oprah Winfrey Belief Team.

​Throughout her career she's been struck by how many people feel less than good about themselves at their core. And on a regular basis found herself saying to clients and audiences that "you are too (UR2) - valuable, worthy, wonderful, and special" - hence, UR2.Global was created.

To view her "Music Bio" click the "Artist-in-Residence" link. OR to view her full bio as an author and a mental health professional click here: DrAmeliaKemp.com

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