This short film shows how the main character's self-esteem was affecred by her initial hurt and adjustment to her hearing situation, and how she ultimately makes peace with her circumstances and learns to love herself.

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There is a beautiful treasure inside each and every one of us and this story perfectly describes it. Standard YouTube License Music by "Again" by Secrets In Stereo

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Quick tips and tool for self=esteem we thought was wonderful created by Joe Bichard.

This reality video features high school band members are beating the drum to their own destinies and have a wonderful understanding of the importance of self-esteem.

This video is a fun reality video questioning people about self-esteem and offers free help and solutions in Australia. 


See The Jandro Cisneros

 Artist Challenge!

Dancers and Choreographers are invited to submit their routines to the background music of his song.

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all contest entries must be in English OR have English subtitles.​​

Spring DEADLINE Dec 31st, 2019

"Its never too late" to summon up the confidence to go for the gold. This video shares how Joan Benoit did what was considered the impossible in the field of track at 53 years old.


Sisters (Aliana - 9 and Imara -11) from Atlanta, GA entered a reality clip speaking on self-esteem with music and fun.

Submission Guidelines:

Quality - Amateur and home videos are good enough! We are more concerned with the meaning and intent of each work. Professional videos are also welcomed and receive the same Ur2 awards as the other entries. At Ur2.Global we are viewed as equals with individual uniqueness and resources.

Theme:The protagonist of real life drama is within, as such we seek dramatic works that are specifically written to uplift self-esteem. Therefore, please do NOT upload drama that emphasize the lost of self-esteem but instead how it is lifted up and can be maintained. Remember the Ur2 site is a celebration of the fact that we are valued, worthy and good enough, so please expound on that theme.

Length:Entries can be a minimum of one minute and no longer than 10 minutes.

Language:Appropriate for general audiences and all ages.

Genre: We seek shorts, psychodramas, short plays, reality skits, etc.

Format:  Audio - MP3. Video - MP4  (web size at least 600x350 pixels)

              (You may also send just the link to yourVimeo, You tube or

               Bandcamp videos and cds for us to embed on our site).

Time-frame for Viewing on Ur2.Global - Your entries will be uploaded to our site and showcased below within five to seven days once your entry clears our general audience criteria. We will add a brief summary to the entry in order to let our viewer know how it relates to self-esteem. Your entry will then be added to our bi-weekly email with a link to our social media alerting followers of any new entries.

Awards:Your award will be sent to the email address you submitted for you to print out. It will have our organization's authentic watermark for you to know it is official. (Note: If you do not have a printer we will mail your certificate to the address you supply.) 


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