What Sets This Book Apart?

This book and radio show is the first to offer alternative ways to describe, interpret and treat all 170 mental or emotional diagnoses, using holistic universal spiritual and metaphysical influences that honor all paths - easing beliefs, conditioning and memes as Dr. Kemp questions what supposedly constitutes the normative curve.

This book offers much relief as it confirms for you that "you're not sick - you're sacred!" And that by learning to tune into your own "inner knowing" which stems from the energy/spiritual core of your being that you unleash the true therapist is within! 

Dr. Kemp takes you on a journey From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy that includes the spiritual aspects of your being honoring the mind, body, spiritual connection that is usually left out of traditional counseling, while also validating the use of energy medicine and how herbal remedies may be helpful for mild to moderate symptoms as they relate to mental health, while also honoring traditional medication when indicated. She also offers an amazing and empowering bonus chapter on the four types of suicidal behaviors from a metaphysical and spiritual viewpoint and alternative healing for sufferers and their families. 

Overall, the book offers 8 Steps to mental and emotional well-being that are easy to follow and tailored to each soul's unique individual journey. It will feel as if you are sitting in the therapy office of the author and she's speaking directly to you, as she guides you through all the healing exercises and aligning processes in the book.  And, the author is available by phone or Skype for Sacretherapy coaching, along with others that are soon to become Certified Sacretherapists all around the world.


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Introduction - The From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® Radio Show

Show - How Achieving Self-Love Increases Happiness!

Join us as we talk with Valerie Alexander, author of Happiness As a Second Language: A Guidebook to Achieving Lasting, Permanent Happiness. This discussion piggybacks on the theme of uplifting humankind to understand our right to be happy and love ourselves no matter what mistakes a person may have made or what one's circumstances are. 

Show - Are You Guided by Political Leaders or Your Own Inner Guidance? with Sister Jenna - Creator of Meditate the Vote Campaign and Founder of The Meditation Museum and America's Meditating Radio Show.

Show - The Song of Life—How Your Verse Matters! with World Peace Vocalist - Kristin Hoffmann  - UR2.Global Self-Esteem Project Artist-In-Residence.

​Show - Uplifting Self-Esteem and Healing Self-Reproach Via UR2.Global
with Geogia Goslee, Esquire. - UR2.Global Community Board Liaison.

Show - How Near Death Experiences Fortify Sacredness & Good Mental

This episode focuses on near-death experiences (NDE's), which are a very timely topic with the movies Miracles From Heaven (out now) and Heaven Is Real, which came out this past year.

Show - Springing Back—Resurrecting and Creating New Life! With Author - Humberto Castillero - Rebirth: Change Your Life Though Yoga Mind X.

Show - Women's History Month - The Muscle and Strength of Spirit as it Empowers Women Who Overcame Violence and Now Live Triumphantly as Victors utilizing Holistic Spiritual Inner Knowing and Sisterhood! with Angela Peabody - Global Woman Foundation

​Show - Are People Who See and Hear Things Crazy or Clairvoyant?

with Dr. Edwige Bingue - Author of You're Not Crazy - You're Awakening!

Show - Spiritual Healing Alternatives Versus Traditional Healing Modalities For Highly Sensitive Souls  with Yol Swan, spiritual counselor and author of The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing for Indigo Adults and Other Feminine Souls. 

Show - Transcending Racial Consciousness With the Equality and Justice of Universal Spiritual Laws!  with Lyndia Grant—author of The Sharecropper's Daughter and radio host of Think On These Things

Show - Healing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Utilizing Holistic Interventions for Veterans and All Mankind  with veterans from three branches of the military.

Show - How Serving Others Can Release Holiday Depression and Loneliness with Robert Clancy - Author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Soul

Show -  A Feng Shui Xmas and Balanced New Year - Clearing Clutter In Our Minds and Homes  with Peggy Cross, ASID - author of Peace in Our Hearts and Homes: A Feng Shui Journey to the Divine in Our Relationships,

Show -    Being the Change You Want to See with

             Dr, Arun Gandhi - (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)

Show -   Holiday Tips for Transcending Difficult Family Members and Money Stressors with Best Selling Author - Jackie Lapin (The Art of Conscious Creation)

Show -Belief Month - Change Your Beliefs - Change Your Life - How Conditioning and Memes Shape Beliefs with Dr Thelma Moss - Author and Educational Psychologist

Show - Oprah Winfrey Network Belief Series - How Beliefs Affect Mental and Emotional Well-being with Rev. Caroyln Wilkins - CoManager of the

OWN Belief Team.

Show - Creating Sacred Spaces - How to Be At Home at Home with Peggy Cross - Author of Peace In Our Hearts and Homes - A Feng Shui Guide... (Insights for Hoarders, Anxiety, ADD, etc.)

Show -Discovering The Therapist Within - How to Tap In With Sister Jenna - President of The Meditation Museum (This show will assist you with Step 8 of the Sacretherapy process via meditation and going into the silence.)

Show - Learning to Shift Painful Emotions and Soothe Our Inner Child with Psychotherapist/Author Ilene Dillon

Show - Healing Veterans of PTSD with Holistic Interventions and the Impact of the Movie: American Sniper

Show - Psychiatric Nurse/Author Shares How Holistic Interventions Healed His Life!

Show - Do Psychics Help, Guide, Direct or Interfere With Mental & Emotional Well-being?

Show  - How to Keep Your Inspiration 

Show - The Sacretherapy Suicide Prevention Campaign in Honor of Robin Williams and  Simone Battle's Suicide - When the Joy of Living Seems Unreachable!

Show  - 12 Sacred Practices to Stay Aligned & In Sync with the Fullness of Your Being!

Show  - How to Stay Aligned Without Becoming A Spiritual or Religious Fanatic!

​Show  - Honoring Robin Williams - Diverse Ways to Enter and Balance the Inner Sanctuary

Show  - Part II - Entering the Inner Sanctuary - Releasing the Past Into the Akashic Records

Show  - Enter the Inner Sancturary  - Where You Co-Create with Spirit!

Show  - PART III - Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Manifesting the Life You Want to Live!

Show  - PART II - Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Can We Really Have What We Want?

Show  - PART I: Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Can We Really Have What We Want?

Show - Trust Your Own Inner Knowing Like Your Life Depends On it

Show   - Suicidal Thoughts PART II - Ascension Back to the Nonphysical Realm

Show : Suicidal Thoughts PART I  - Reaching for Relief & Connection Back to the Source of Your Being 

Show : Aura to Aura - Giving Others the Benefit of the Doubt

Show : Forgiving Self & Others: When They Don't Deserve It - But You Do!

Show : Honoring Your Journey - Extracting The Good!

Show : Staying Clear of the Past - How To Be Here Now!

Show : Refusal to Let the Matter Go - Soothing Raging Rage

Show : Don't Stay Mad, Get Even with Sacred Rage!

Show : Your Real Human & Spiritual Rights - Unspoken but God-given

Show : Are You Living the Life You Want to Live - Or the Life You Were Told To Live?

Show: Inspiring Processes for Post-partum Depression, Sexual Issues, & Mental & Emotional Problems

Show : Why Your Symptoms Have Symbolic Meaning

Show : Understanding You Are A Spiritual Being Creating the Matter

Show : Why You Think Something is Wrong With You And How to See It Differently

Show : Infidelity - Trying to Honor Oneself & One's Commitment to Another

Show - You're Not Sick - You're Sacred Including Souls Who Come Forth As LGBT

Show : Continuing to Discover the Well You - Part II

Show : Prepare to Discover the Well You - Journey From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®

Show : New Year's Resolutions - How to Begin Again!