Heather Mae's authentic honesty and courage to be vulnerable is so refreshing! And naturally her "song title" resonates beautifully with the title of UR2's self-esteem theme song - I'm Good Enough by Dr. K!

We send her love and light!!! 

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Performed by Heather Mae Website: HeatherMae.net

As we continue with our Self-Esteem Does the Body Good project, Dr. Watkins has shares another delicious smoothie for our health with Mangos!!! And he shows how fast and easy it is to make with his grandkids making them!  Never too early to get the kids involved in caring about their nutrition.

Dr. Theodore Watkins (USA) - Founder of The Watkins Institute offers guidance and videos on nutrition and delicious recipes for healthy supplements for the body which is one of many products he has created for physical health and well-being.      

Dr. Ivan Figeroa (Puerto Rico) - Author of Spirituality 101 For the Disconnected from the School of Life shares his experience in his Integrative Medical practice to adopt the correct lifestyle changes to assure wellness and joyful lives.



Untitled Book on Body Image

​Seeks Woman to Interview

Upcoming Author - Janelle Suggs

is seeking women to interview

for research 

on how women feel about their

body image. 

UR2.Global supports her research

understanding that how a person feels about their body-temple can greatly affect their self-esteem.



 Poetry and Media to Enhance Eating Behaviors  on TED Talks

Jenelle Robinson, Ph.D. - Professor

Having Trouble Sleeping due to low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence? Let this subliminal relaxation lull you away into a restorative sleep where you wake up feeling good about yourself.

This beautiful meditation by Justin Andries - Reiki Practitioner/Energy Medicine from Perth Australia will remind you of the importance of self-love and gratitude for all that you came forth to be. He takes you on a journey to the heal the "real" self from whence our esteem flows. To learn more about his work click here.

Here's a wonderfully soothing guided Meditation for Peace of Mind by Christopher Selomon Closson -

Founder of Project Bring Me Back 2 Life - Click Here for more info.

Self-Esteem Does A Body Good!

Stop Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

view the

Psycho-educational/psycho-spiritual music video

by The Global Woman's Organization and Dr. K's Music Therapy

aka Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC  

Click Here

Check out another great recipe below  by Dr. Watkins: 

Join Dr. Figeroa here each month as he reveals his Magic Mirror of the Mind insights to uplift your spirits and self-esteem.

Ur2.Global recognizes that one of the things that affect people's self-esteem is how they feel about their bodies. Therefore, we want the world to know that Ur2.Global believes that the diversity of shapes and sizes is a part of the wonderful diversity of life. And therefore it stands to reason that some people intended to come forth into the physical world with larger bodies and some with smaller bodies, so it is simply a question of health. There are plenty of people with larger bodies that are healthy! And people with smaller ones that are not!

      And so, let us not allow the media or mass consciousness to trick anyone into believing that we should make ridiculous comparisons when we each came forth as our own original soul in our individual bodies, so everyone is not supposed to be thin. Sameness is not in alignment with the universal laws of creation that are diverse and inclusive of all. So for those wanting to feel better about their bodies we created this supportive project for the body-temple where we will showcase submissions on the 3rd Friday of each month that depicts loving the body in any of the our four main ARTS categories. NOTE: Works need to be submitted by 5pm (EST-USA) the Wednesday prior to the 3RD Friday of each month. Check submission guidelines for the category of your entry above or click here to submit entry.

Holistic and Alternative Healthcare Practitioners and artists from all over the world may participate and offer advice on how to honor your bodies. ​Below are two of our Global Community Board Liaisons that are physicians helping to assist humanity in this area.  Feel free to visit their websites for additional information on their expertise.

By Dr. Ivan Figeroa