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Jahmesia Jacobs

​Sonia Eden (aka Sonia Husbands)  is a Singer/Songwriter from Barbados. She delights in creating a sound which she describes as Island Soul.  Within a week of the online release of her debut EP “Pieces Of Me” instant requests were received from D J’s in Australia for regular rotation on their radio play list. Music from the EP has been rotated on radio stations in Quebec Canada, Australia, Ireland and London. Eden's second Album “Truth Love and Life” was released in 2012 and has received radio rotation in the UK, US, Germany and Australia. She has also performed in The Sneinton Music Festival (Nottingham UK), “Goddess” in London, Virgin Holidays Music Festival in Surfers Bay Barbados and her music was fatured in Music included in Independent Short Film 'Sunshine Promises" and "Poker Face".   Check out her song A Beautiful Day on the music link.

Website: soniaedenmusic.com


Kijana Wiseman


Pre-Doctoral Dance Fellow

Roxi Victorian

In October of 2011, Kiirstin Kuhi, found herself at a crossroads.  She had served as the dynamic front person and co-songwriter for several different bands since 2005, from progressive post-hardcore band Ground to Machine to genre-bending piano rock band Verity In Stereo.  Inspired and motivated by the successes of each act, but seeking to grow as an artist, Kiirstin Marilyn was born. 

Her debut EP "Something to Die For" released in March of 2012, produced by Brian DeNeeve (From Autumn to Ashes) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw) marked the beginning of an extremely personal journey that Kiirstin dared to share with anyone who would listen.  With each release, Kiirstin revealed more and more of herself, her struggles and successes, professional and private, to the world.  Her sophomore EP "Ghosts," produced by Benny Reiner, continued that trend, as she opened up about her political and social views and shared deeply personal heartbreaking stories through her lyrics set to hard hitting beats.

With the release of her latest single, "She," co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, Kiirstin proves to have grown not only as an artist, but as a human, fully aware of the world around her.  "She" is a song of female empowerment.  What started as a simple song about her refugee grandmother turned into a ballad of epic proportions which aspires to be an anthem for all women.  Stream "She" across all streaming platforms.  All proceeds go directly to Planned Parenthood. Click here to view Website:KiirstinMarilyn.com Facebook.com/KiirstinMarilyn

Stan began his acting career at the Back Alley Theatre, founded by Naomi Eftis. During that time he appeared as Otto in "Design For Living," Omar in "Short Eyes," and Jr. Balloon in the world premier of Miguel Pinero's "The Sun Always Shines For The Cool" under the direction of Frederic Lee. ​He has guest starred on numerous television shows including: "Seinfeld", "ER," "Friends," "The West Wing", etc. For full bio visit website:Stansellers.net

Mykel T. Brooks is a certified musician by ear, a master of sound and a writer by pen. At the age of 12 he began singing in his father’s church and learned to play keyboard, drums, clarinet and trumpet all by ear.  In August 2015, Brooks negotiated a distribution deal with Universal Music Group & was signed to Rick Ross Music Group.

Prior to signing with music labels, he attended Bethune Cookman University for a year and met Jive Records recording artist Haitian Fresh - Wyclef Jean's protégé, who he toured with and learned everything about the music industry. In 2012 Brooks was owner of Nomad Recordings an independent label and recording studio in Tallahassee, Florida. For full bio: MykelTBrooks on Our Stage

Ntrig - (Martin  "NTRIIG" James) is a song writer and singer. He has an innate ability to translate experiences, passions and dreams into musical projects. From a really young age, Martin has been courageously performing publicly in his home town St. Catherine, Jamaica.

His confidence as a performer blossomed as the innocent years passed and welcomed a humble genius with a wealth of experience. His journey, though started a long time ago has just been uncovered exposing his footprints of excellent vocal and creative song writing skills. Martin has a burning passion to NTRIIG! one and all with the gift of MUSIC.  

Visit his website at http://www.ntriig.com

Jennifer Ferren is a soulful singer, songwriter and keynote presenter based in Atlanta GA. Her music is a perfect blend of rock, pop, jazz, R&B and gospel. Her recent 2015 CD release, "Spectacular", showcases her ability to fuse all of her musical stylings into a rich tapestry of sound and energy. "Spectacular" is blessed with many phenomenal Atlanta music professionals who, thanks to her successful "Indiegogo" CD campaign, were able to be paid for their time and services. Their unlimited love, close friendship, exquisite musicianship and attention to detail help take this CD to the next level!

Jennifer's musical inspiration comes from everyday life experiences, as well as topics for Sunday services at the various churches and spiritual centers where she performs. Her brilliant "Message With Music" presentations expertly weave valuable life lessons with original music, which combine seamlessly to deliver an impactful experience. 

As a recording artist, Jennifer has released 5 original Posi / New Thought CDs, as well as an 8-disc series of Unity Church "Wings of Song" Hymnal Accompaniment CD tracks. She has arranged and published 2 original songbooks and has also been published in multiple Unity song book publications. Her song "Who I AM", was an Honorable Mention finalist in the 2012 Posi Music Awards. Her library of over 100 songs is ever expanding. Many of her songs (including Wings of Song Hymns) are available as either instrumental tracks and/or charts, which can be purchased by contacting her directly at jferrensings@aol.com or visit website: www.jenniferferren.com



​Deanna "Squeaky" Miller


Robert Alexander - Evlov Music Label



Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC

Jamesia Jacobs is a jazz contra alto vocalist hailing from the desert dwelling city of Phoenix, AZ. Her vocal style is the mystical Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes transforming into something brand new leaving the listener with a feeling of rebirth. Jahmesia has 10 years of experience as a lead and backing vocalist appearing as a featured vocalist with LA based bands headlining popular LA clubs including The Mint and The Roxy. Jahmesia  is a seasoned session vocalist and songwriter working with several producers in Los Angeles. She is currently available for  session and live performance work. 

Jamesia received her Associate of Arts degree from the American Academy of Art in Los Angeles, California. Email: Jahmesia11@gmail.com and check out her music at: Jahmesia on Soundcloud

Fabian is a singer-songwriter in Germany. He comes from a musical family where both his father Otto M. Raad - the lead singer of Just For Fun Mannheim, as well as his aunt, "Joy Fleming", B. Erna Raad, have decisively influenced his musical development. He was also inspired by the extraordinary voices of Etta James, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aquilera and his Aunt Joy. Influenced by his husband (Jarmane - Co-writer of Lose to Win - right bottom), Fabian began writing and composing his own songs in 2015.

Fabian has been receiving vocal coaching from the renowned Anthony Wade, known as "Dr. Voice", who has worked with the likes of "Sam Smith" and "George Michael" and will continue to work with him. Fabian describes himself  as " story-teller and takes that position with his song lyrics. He often touches on taboo subject matters that  are shaped by the social and political climate. 

​Website: Fabianraadmcandrew.com


Missy Crutchfield

​Aubrey is one of the very few professional female music producers in the UK and was named London’s Producer of the Year in 2017. She founded one of the most successful independent record labels in England during the early 2000’s (Chromium Records). Shortly after, she signed a record deal with Broken Music Publishing/Ripe Recordings and remixed two songs by US artist Electron Love Theory, which were play listed on hundreds of radio stations worldwide. In 2013, she wrote and produced her debut EP, Code Red, featuring the singles ‘Pinball’ which was streamed over 1.1 million times in 2015 and ‘Every Cloud’ which was play listed on several major TV channels including Airwave TV. View Full bio website:AubreyWhitfield.com

Roxi holds a BFA in theater and Dance from Howard University, a diploma from the North Carolina School of the Arts, and a certificate in Shakespeare from the British Academy of Dramatic Arts at Oxford University. In addition, she has trained at the International School of Ballet in Cannes, France, the Academy of Theatrical Arts and the Jones Haywood School of Ballet in Washington DC.  See full bio at: BalletVictorian.com



Kim Karrington Cartwright


Emree Franklin

Christina McLean is an up and coming gospel singer-songwriter in Florida's capital. She is the owner of 12th Destiny Entertainment with a powerful voice gifted to her by God.

Her original songs "Soldier" and "Note to Self" are truly inspirational and uplifting our fellow mankind.


To hear more of her music visit the "Music" link: Clcik Here

As a composer, arranger, producer and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Premik has worked with everyone from Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Ravi Shankar, Narada Michael Walden, Clarence Clemons, Lonnie Liston-Smith, and many others.  Premik has commisioned his song: "The Journey" to UR2.Global for what the Institute has named the Premik Artists Challenge. Click here to see the entries from the 2016 UR2.Global Premik Artists Challenge​ and enjoy the self-esteem empowerment.

​Premik’s May of 2008 schedule led him to perform in Sting's Rainforest Foundation Fundbenefit concert Some Kinda Legacy at Carnegie Hall followed by extensive touring with Russian legend Boris Grebenshikov beginning in London at the Royal Albert Hall, continuing on to Dublin, Kiev, Milan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, ending the year in Vienna. In May of 2010 Premik played at Carnegie Hall in the The Rainforest Fund's 21st Birthday Celebration Benefit Concert. June of 2010 Premik performed at Sting & Trudie Style in NYC apartment (private dinner- fund raiser) following the Jazz at Lincoln Center performance of Twin Spirits, a celebration of composer Robert Schumann�s 200th birthday.  View full bio at: Premik.com


Sonia Eden

Former 2016 Honorary


Premik Russell Tubbs


Robert is a transformational music artist and has music under the moniker “Evlov” and is featured on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora. He is the founder and visionary behind Life Rhythms – a business that focuses on creating personalized pieces of music and various services to help promote wellness, well-being and (individual and community) connectivity.

As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates customized pieces of music for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other practitioners for use in their offices and promotional media. 

He also creates personalized audio products and offers private sessions (via phone, person and online) to help individuals with their relationship with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, insomnia and other physical, mental and emotional conditions that affect everyday moods and wellbeing. Robert has also created personalized pieces of music for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, moving through major life transitions, experiencing menopause and desiring alternative solutions for well-being.  

His music is available worldwide and has albums available for sale in physical and digital formats. Visit his website at https://liferhythms.us​ 

COMING SOON * Robert will be creating background music for our UR2.Global Co-Founder -

Dr. Kemp's ongoing meditation series  to uplift humanity, to be released in 2018.


Stan Sellers

Jessica Lattman is a songwriter, whose music speaks from her heart.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Jessica came to songwriting during her years in Medical School and while training to be a surgeon.  The process of songwriting helped Jessica balance the long days at the hospital.  Jessica is now a practicing surgeon, songwriter, wife and mother of 3.

Many of her songs are inspired by her family and written for various milestones in their lives. She is a passionate supporter of mental health care and working to eliminate the stigma of seeking help for emotional difficulties.

Check out her beautiful song "Believe" on the music link above.

For full bio visit website: JessicaLattman.com

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​2017 Producer of the Year



Tatyana Kalko

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Deanna Miller affectionately known as "Squeaky" is based in the capital of Florida and a rare Tallahassee native. She is an up and coming artist and already an award-winning singer-songwriter in the Neo Soul Category of Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards. She is an Indie inspirational artist dedicated to helping her fellow-mankind. 

Her love for God, people and music has been her ministry from the start.  Deanna’s debut single, “Give to You Love” was released in August 2015. This was the introduction of an amazing voice no one will forget. Followed by two latest singles “Keep on Praying ” and ” Good Medicine”, Deanna established her skills as a songwriter and arranger. 

Her stage presence and way with an audience, opened doors of opportunity to perform on a variety of stages, work with some of the Big Bend’s most respected artists, musicians, producers.

Even though gospel music is her root, she can’t hold back the ability to vocalize a diverse style of genres. The jazz-soul influences of Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald is clear in her music. 

Being active in the community is a call of duty for the artist. Deanna has and continues to share her voice for great charities in the Big Bend area. The long term goal is to be an international philanthropist of music. 

Deanna Squeaky Miller is the voice of love, community, and inspiration. For booking please email singsqueaky@aol.com



Juilliard trained singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kristin studied opera with acclaimed teachers Lorraine Nubar and Zehava Gal and others. With a particular interest in French art songs, she spent a summer honing the craft at Académie Internationale d’été de Nice. In addition to stints at major record labels, Capitol and Interscope Records, and song placements on hit TV shows like "Dawson’s Creek", and "Palmetto Pointe", etc.  ​​For full bio KristinHoffmann.com


​Christina McLean

Missy Crutchfield (pictured with Altovise Davis - Sammy Davis Jr.'s wife.) moved to New York in the 1980s to pursue an acting career. She studied with Warren Robertson, Joe Daly, Zan Benham, and Stella Adler. Missy held roles in Brian de Palma's "Blowout" starring John Travolta and "Carnival Magic." She also held lead roles in "New York Nights" with William DaFoe as well as "Model Behavior."  She also performed on stage in New York City, including the lead role in a play off-Broadway, "Cellophane," written by John Hart. She has created and collaborated on a number of projects and community-based programs including Remember Your Dream. For full Bio Visit:  www.BEMagazine.org



Jennifer Ferren


Kiirstin Marilyn

Emree Franklin is a rising 21-year-old recording Artist from Friday Harbor, WA, whose distinct voice and poignant lyrics transcend her age.  In 2013 Emree took leave from the University of Washington and lived in Nashville for a year, where she performed and was incredibly prolific, penning over 100 new songs. Emree strives to write songs that are always real and brutally honest. It is that authenticity combined with driving rhythms and contagious melodies that have captured music lovers, especially young women and music industry elite alike.

Emree began writing on acoustic guitar and quickly evolved from an Americana format to a hybrid of pop and hip-hop beat with intelligent lyrics. She has since been recording in LA, NY and Atlanta with Grammy award winning producers in preparation for her debut release: "We Are Tomorrow" (View Teaser) and continues to build her fan base, extending live performances from Nashville, San Francisco and Seattle, to LA and beyond. For full bio visit website: EmreeFranklin.com

Kristen Hope Justice is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer.  Her music transcends genre with her captivating lyrics and catchy melodies.  In 2013, Kristen completed her debut album,  “Shape This Love”, which won an Intel Superstars award for Best Pop Album, and in 2015 the title track won an Akademia award for Best Country Ballad. 

In addition to being an accomplished songwriter, Kristen is also a top tier entertainer.  Kristen has performed in venues all around the country opening up for acts such as Vince Gill and has entertained thousands of clients including Home Depot, Microsoft, The American Heart Association, Gwinnet Medical Center, and many more. Performing in high-energy dance bands, original concert venues, jazz clubs, or church, her presence on stage and off is warm, inviting and energetic.

2017 marked a shift in her writing.  Her brand new album, “Calling of the Divine” is a collection of songs she has written during her tenure over the last six years as music director at Unity of Kennesaw, a New-Thought, non-denominational church in metro Atlanta.  It’s contemporary Christian meets Spiritual.  The songs reflect a positive, prayerful, uplifting message of encouragement and positive affirmation that is more spiritual than religious.  It’s uplifting, it’s positive, “Posi”, praise and worship music with a youthful pop appeal.   
Visit website www.KristenJustice.com.

Pablo Stennet is a 5-Time Grammy winning musician and composer who was born and raised in Jamaica, and deeply rooted in the church where his father was a pastor. Influenced by a family background full of musicians, he began studying piano at the age of five. He ultimately added bass, upright bass and guitar to his arsenal of instruments. 

Inspired through his collaboration with various artists, Pablo believes artists are family and collaborates with individuals who value mentorship, feedback and the learning process along with making unforgettable music. Pablo is known for spotting untapped talent, often invisible to the artists themselves.

To many, he is known simply as, “The Council,” because of his ability to bring people together for a seamless creative process. Decades of experience makes him a trusted partner and liaison for high-profile stakeholders in music, entertainment and commercial fields.

Based in Southern California, Pablo works regularly with major artists and new talent, as well as film studios, video gaming companies, media organizations and major corporations. When not in the studio, he can be found touring with Ziggy Marley and has recorded/toured in the past with Willie Nelson, Raphael Saadiq, Chaka Chan, Diana King, Pink and Jimmy Cliff, among others. For more information visit website:PabloStennett.com

Kijana Wiseman,  M.Ed. is an award-winning lyric coloratura soprano with a 3.5 octave range. She has appeared in over 20 countries on the American, African and European continents.  And her interactive one-woman show, The Griot, has won Best College Diversity Program for two years in a row. ​She received her BFA in Theatre from the University of Houston and her Masters, specializing in African Theatre, as a result of joint studies at Texas Southern University and the University of Liberia, West Africa. For full bio visit her website at: Kijana.com

Evan Taylor Jones (ETJ) is a Soul Rock artist from Orlando, FL, known for his "Denim Heart."

Jones has experience as Lead-Vocalist and instrumentalist in settings ranging from his jazzy 10-piece band, to managing his own acoustic solos. ETJ has had the opportunity to contract out multiple songs with ‘Walt Disney Entertainment’ for licensing purposes and has managed to tour across the United States completely independently. He has opened for Bob Marley's band "The Wailers" and was a contestant on "The Voice" season 10. 

Jones is currently writing, recording, and producing his newest album to be released 2018, “Give and Give Thanks.”

Click here to enjoy a teaser of a live performance of one of his beautiful singles titled: "Weathy Man" that is sure to bring comfort to thousands. Also visit his website: EvanJonesTaylor.com

As Co-Founder of UR2.Global, Amelia is the lead artist-in-residence and the creative director of all humanitarian projects that the Institute undertakes for the global upliftment of self-esteem. In addition to her credentials in the "About" section as a licensed psychotherapist and author, etc., she heals through song and  psychodrama, performing as stage name: Dr. K's Music Therapy. She has done songs for social projects such as: Hospice, FGM, Breast Cancer, Addiction, World Peace, Women's Arts projects, and named as an "Artist for Peace" by Gandhi's BE Magazine. She has also won international song contests. Visit: Dr K Music Therapy  



Kristin Hoffmann

Former 2017 Honorary



​5-Time Grammy Winner





Fabian Raad-McAndrew

2018 Honorary Artist-in-Residence

Former Producer of the Year (London)


Aubrey Whitfield 


Evan Taylor Jones

Kim is a published Poet, a BMI songwriter, spent years in the Music Industry as a singer, doing session work and commercials, and performing at well known Nightclubs in L.A. and other venues. She also performed as a dancer and did Television and stage work. Kim has had longstanding membership in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She trained in Los Angeles with the premier vocal, dance, and acting coaches in the country since the age of 12. Kim is a mezzo-soprano with a four octave vocal range. She sings and speaks French and Spanish. She is a multi-talented artist, author, poet and accomplished photographer. Full Bio - visit her site at: www.kimkarringtoncartwright.com




Dr. Jessica Lattman

UR2.Global commissions Artist-In-Residence that create original works to assist with global projects that uplift the self-esteem of humanity via humanitarian projects, artists colonies, workshops, festivals, plays and retreats. Artists-in-residence may be paid, offered scholarships for artist retreats, or volunteer for projects that expand their individual and collective portfolios. All original works created by UR2.Global staff that are offered as a collaborative project enlisting artist-in-residence are considered "works for hire" and remain the copyright of UR2.Global. The artist-in-residence's contribution to the project will be credited in the credit roll. Any creative works soley created by the artist-in-residence remain the copyright of the artist. Cover songs are not featured on UR2.Global as we seek original works that show that UR2 a contributer to society.

Each year, The Sacretherapy Institute will select an "honorary artist-in-residence" for the UR2.Global project whose work as an artist uplifts mankind. The selected artist will also share an interest in supporting the UR2.Global project and mission to showcase the ARTS for the purpose of uplifting self-esteem. The artist may further support our mission by commissioning one of their works to be utilized and contained on the UR2.Global website as the backdrop of a self-esteem project for students, working artists, aspiring artists and retired artists. 

Any artist interested in joining us as an Artist-In-Residence is welcomed. Submit your resume and share how your original work as an artist relates to self-esteem, self-love and/or self-confidence and uplifting mankind. And if you are an aspiring artist simply share how your original work will align with this intention. We also request that at least one of your original works be submitted to be showcased on the site. College and Post-grad interns seeking fellowship appointments may send resume. ​NOTE: Artists that are NOT interested in participating in our in-house projects may simply submit their original work to be showcased on the UR2.Global site as a guest contributor and will not be listed as an artist-in-residence or called on as projects arise and instead will be listed as a guest or visiting artist. See UR2.Global artists-in-residence below:

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Kristen Hope Justice


Mykel T. Brooks