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Receive Awards!! * Spring Submissions Open

Before completing the Submission Registration Form to the right please read all of the following information and guidelines.

Singer-songwriters and spoken word artist are invited to contribute one original verse of lyrics or a four stanza spoken word poem to this year's theme song titled: LIBERATED TO BE ME.  The song was created by Dr. K's Music Therapy aka Ur2.Global President - Dr. Amelia Kemp, specifically for the Artist Challenge to help uplift the self-esteem of humanity using the performance style of a cappella.

All participants will receive an award in appreciation.

We will send you the MP3 or WAV file of the song's copyrighted melody, chorus, and bridge once you register.  See guidelines below:

1) Your lyrical four line verse or four stanza spoken word poem must uplift self-esteem, self-love and/or self-confidence. NO Profanity.    In addition to the song being showcased on UR2.Global, it will be sent to institutions helping to heal and rehabilitate, such as group homes, homeless shelters, mental institutions, addictions facilities and prisons via UR2.Global's H.U.G.S. initiative.

2) Copyrights:  Your verse or stanza will be contributed to the project as a "Work for Hire" for UR2.Global in conjuction with Dr. K's Music Therapy. Dr. K's Music Therapy commisioned a verse, melody, chorus and bridge to UR2.Global specifically for use in this artist challenge. Your name will appear as a contributing song-writer on all promotional materials.

3) Compensation:  you will receive the following non-monetary

    compensation for your lyrical verse or poetic stanza:

 a) Award - awards allow artists to list themselves as an award-

    winning artist.

 b) Invitation to Perform - sing your verse live at the Artist Retreat.

 c) Music Video - you'll be invited to be featured and filmed in the annual music video produced at the Annual Artist Retreat to uplift mankind and receive a copy for your portfolio;  If you're unable to attend you will still receive a copy.

 d) Career Advantage: as an artist, you will have "bragging rights" forever that you wrote and performed lyrics or a spoken word to uplift mankind in conjunction with UR2.Global Self-Esteem ARTS Project.

 e) Free Promotion:  your name and photo will be included in press releases notifying the media and global community that the song is available to view on UR2.Global. 

4) Please understand that you may NOT pre-promote the song or your verse or spoken word, or any photos from the music video, on any social media or other multi-media until UR2.Global has sent out the official press release to the media announcing that the 2020 Artist Challenge Entries are in and ready to be viewed.  We will send you an email notifying you when you can feature your entry on your own websites and we will send you the link to show it on your Facebook page.

NOTE: Unfortunately, anyone that is discovered to have pre-promoted or posted their verse, stanza or the song or photos on any media prior to our launch, will have their verse or poem removed from the song. The media is not interested in "pre-published or old news" so we do not want any portion of the song released until the official launch date. Thus, please be patient and honor these guidelines.

The final deadline for sending your actual verse or spoken word for the Summer Showcase is extended to:  June 30, 2020 

PLEASE COMPLETE THE SUBMISSION REGISTRATION FORM BELOW: Once received, we'll email you the MP3 or WAV file of the song to use. 

               Thank you in advance for participating!! 


    "Submit Button" only works if ALL questions are answered

        and you checked the boxes that were to be checked. 

   Once you click the Submit button scroll back up this page

to see the confirmation message thanking you, and that we will send you a confirmation of receipt within 48 to 72 hours.

NOTE:  Regrettably, Sweet Honey In The Rock are unable to attend the live-stream performance due to an unforeseen commitment. However, as always the show must go on, as we dedicate the song to uplift humanity and to their 45 year legacy!  Thus, singer-songwriters feel free to continue to submit your verses for the Live-Stream Event at this time in history when our theme for "liberation" is so crucial.



(Receive Awards and be Invited to Perform Your Entry Live Stream Event

due to Covid 19 the live stream is in lieu of the Annual UR2.Global Artist Retreat!)

2020 International UR2.Global Honorary Artist Challenge