2019 UR2.Global -Jandro Cisneros 

Self-Respect Artist Dance Challenge Showcase

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L. C. L. - Siblings

Naomi Janelle

2019 UR2.Global

Honorary Artist-in-Residence

Jandro Cisneros 

Composer, Producer, Film-maker & Singer-Songwriter

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Naomi Janelle is an award-winning artist that lives in St. Maarten Dutch side, and was born in Jamaica. She has received both gold and silver medals in regional and national competitions.  She is a Dance Instructor at the National Institute of Arts in St. Maarten where she teaches Introduction to Dance, Creative Dance, Ballet, and Traditional Dance. Naomi fell in love with dance at the early age of eight (8) when she took her first ballet class and has been a Company Dancer for 11 years at the same Arts Institute where she teaches. Please enjoy her entry.


The 2019 UR2.Global Jandro Cisneros Artist Challenge


This year's challenge is for dancers, choreographers, and mimes, to create an original choreography based on the theme "Self Respect" that was motivated by Jandro's song titled: "Self-Respect" (See his music video below). The music video is bi-lingual with English subtitles, and therefore, non-Spanish-speaking dancers have the options to either use Jandro's song as the background music for their dance, OR, are welcomed to use their own original song or music as long as they follow the same submission guidelines conveying self-respect, below. Deadline Extended for artist just learning about the showcase.


1) Dancers will need to videotape their dance routine and include in the choreography the arm positions as highlighted by the picture below that showcases the text:

          a) "SELF-" (on the left arm) and

          b) "RESPECT" (on the right arm) 

2) The choreographers will have creative freedom in expressing the concept of "Self-Respect" through their dancing, ideally a dance (movement) that evokes self-respect.

3) No body movements that are intended to evoke a sexual response.

4) Dancers must wear standard dancing clothes that is respectful.

5) Your video must include the credits as follows: "Self-Respect", Original Composition by Jandro Cisneros. Choreography by ______________.

6)Register to enter the Art Challenge by completing the Submission form by clicking the following link and we'll send you the MP3 of the song to use in your video or let us know you will use your own. Click Here

2019 Self-Respect Jandro Artist Challenge Dance Showcase


Please enjoy this Children's Self-Respect video that these three children ages 7, 9 and 11 created to assist other kids to respect themselves. The older two speak English and Spanish. You'll meet them inside the video.

                                   ABOUT THE COMPOSER & SONGWRITER OF "SELF-RESPECT"

                                                                 JANDRO CISNEROS 

Alejandro Ramirez-Cisneros, also known by his stage name Jandro Cisneros, is an internationally-known composer, producer, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter, audio engineer and motivational public speaker from Monterrey, Mexico. He currently works at the New England Music Conservatory.

Before he moved to Boston, USA, to study Film Scoring and Music Production & Engineering at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he completed, in Mexico, a degree in Mass Communication with a major in Film, TV, and Radio from the Tecnológico de Monterrey University and also earned his degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza de Monterrey.  

He created and hosted a radio show called ‘The Lighthouse of Heaven’ which ran for eight years, eventually bringing the show to the BIRN, the Berklee Internet Radio Network.  Alejandro also gained experience in television by working as cameraman, switcher, TV production assistant, reporter, and music composer for the TV shows “Studio” & “Opción Múltiple”, for the Mexican TV network Televisa Monterrey, composing the music for both shows.  ​

Recently he scored the music for “Cachorro”, a documentary and official selection at the Eco Film Festival 2016. He also scored two documentaries directed by Fr. John Wykes, OMV – “Shot by Shot – The Magic of Moviemaking (2012) and “Nunc Coepi – The Life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri”, (2016).  Jandro Cisneros is also the Founder and CEO of The Pillars Productions, LLC, a production company created with the mission of producing uplifting media content, both for visual media and audio. He also founded a music band with his wife called The Pillars, Boston’s latest international musical project based on the proverb: “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together”.

PRESS RELEASE      (Media: Click Here to view press release on media site)

UR2.Global Names – Latin Artist Jandro Cisneros as the 2019 Honorary Artist-in-Residence for its Fourth Annual Artist Challenge to Uplift the Self-Esteem of Humanity; Calling All Dancers, Choreographers, and Mimes to Participate & Receive Awards

​This year commemorates the 4th Annual UR2.Global Artist Challenge where the psycho-spiritual arts organization selects an Honorary Artist-in-Residence to help motivate artists around the world to join them in uplifting the self-esteem of humanity. This year Jandro Cisneros was named the 2019 Honorary Artist-in-Residence (HAR) and receives the distinction of having the “artist challenge” named in his honor. As such, the organization proudly invites artists that are dancers, choreographers, and mimes from all around the world to participate in the “2019 UR2.Global Jandro Cisneros Artist Challenge.” Jandro works at the New England Music Conservatory and is an internationally-known composer, producer, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter, audio engineer and motivational public speaker from Monterrey, Mexico. “He was selected as a result of his debut single titled ‘Self-Respect’ that relates to our mission to uplift mankind’s self-esteem, since it’s impossible to have self-respect without self-esteem. Also, in selecting this talented emerging artist, UR2.Global holds true to our creed that you do not have to be famous or rich to be of tremendous value to mankind”, states Dr. Amelia Kemp, president of UR2.Global. She goes on to say, “We want Jandro to be another example to other artist that they too have a voice that the world is waiting to hear, so we hope they take advantage of this year’s artist challenge to further our mission to uplift self-esteem.” 

This year is the first time UR2.Global is doing a dance challenge and therefore artist are asked to keep the organization’s definition of self-esteem in mind when choreographing their routines. In so doing, Dr. Kemp - a psychotherapist, author, ordained metaphysician, and artist that performs by the stage-name Dr. K's Music Therapy, defines self-esteem as “how one feels about themselves at their core, their value, self-worth and self-acceptance”, and as such, this year’s theme of “self-respect” is a natural outpouring of that. She further states, “I believe self-esteem is tied to spirit and fosters inner-peace, which is our organization’s ultimate goal because only when inner-peace is accomplished, can world peace be achieved.” In keeping with that overall goal, this year’s Artist challenge is a call to all dancers, choreographers, and even mimes, to create a video doing a body movement routine that offers their interpretation of how self-respect relates to self-esteem and ultimately a more harmonious world. Jandro Cisneros’s “Self-Respect” music video consists of dance and body movements with word art. “We are therefore, hoping his example will inspire the world’s younger artists that love modern dance forms such as free style, hip hop, lyrical, ballet, etc., to participate and at the same time reinforce the need to respect themselves as they inspire others to do the same,” states Lamarr Kemp, MBA - Vice President and Co-Founder. 

Jandro Cisneros states that, “The central theme of my debut single is ‘self-respect’ because there’s no greater loss than the loss of one’s self-respect, and you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Possessing little self-respect can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships. My artistic mission is to elevate, entertain and educate my audience with uplifting messages through music and film. I’m honored to have been named this year’s honorary artist, and fully support UR2.Global’s mission to create a community of artists that embodies uplifting the self-esteem of mankind and helping people to heal and love themselves more, since that's exactly what my ‘Self-Respect’ project is all about.” 

This year the artist challenge is bilingual and therefore dancers, choreographers and mimes have an option to either use Jandro Cisneros’s song which is in Spanish with English subtitles as their musical background for the project, or use their own original song or music that’s in English if they don’t speak Spanish, as long as it honors this year’s theme of how self-respect relates to self-esteem. All participates will receive awards for their contribution to mankind. Mr. Lamarr Kemp adds, that “the diversity of this year’s artist challenge will not only resonate with adult dancers but undoubtedly also connect with artists in secondary schools and college level, and hopefully motivate them to get involved in this self-esteem project since many of them love to dance, and with having to include the ‘word art’ into the body movement routines it’s sure to be lots of fun for them experimenting with this type of artistic creative expression.” 

The Sacretherapy® Institute's UR2.Global Self-esteem Project features music therapies, psychodramas, visual arts, and literary arts of all genres for the upliftment of mankind and also reviews and showcases the works of popular artists who also inspire the world. The Sacretherapy® Institute was created as a result of Dr. Amelia Kemp's book titled: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy which she also wrote to uplift humanity after having been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. During which time, she was dismayed by the number of people in the world who feel like they are nothing, not understanding their innate value and worth. Therefore, with her also being a singer/songwriter she recalled how uplifting her use of music and psychodrama had been therapeutically and decided to merge music with healing by performing and using the stage name: Dr. K's Music Therapy. As such, UR2.Global is the culmination of this merger with all the ARTS and the Institute's desire to uplift the self-esteem of humanity globally.

To view the full submission guidelines and deadlines, visit UR2.Global and click the UR2.Global Jandro Cisneros Artist Challenge link or email Lamarr at UR2.Global Arts Project is a project of The Sacretherapy® Institute – A Not-for-profit 501 C3 organization.