India Arie

This song is such a high vibrationally attuned lyric!

We applaud India's spirit and consistent contribution to 

uplifting the world through song,

understanding that who we are inside is light!

Visit her Website: Soulbird.com





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If It's My Last!

This song and music video is the pride and joy of the music that Dr. K's Music Therapy has created so far and will undoubtedly go down in history as Dr. Kemp's most important musical contribution to mankind because this song sends souls back to the Creator with the esteem of dignity and love. Created for The World Hospice Organization. To read the full press release click the song on the navigation bar.

Written & Performed by

Dr. K's Music Therapy

   Saxophone Solo by Premik Russell Tubss

Arranged & Produced by

Premik Russell Tubbs

We Are Tomorrow

This teaser CD and music video is such a testament to reminding everyone that "we truly are the ones we've been waiting for" as we understand more fully that the art to uplifting self-esteem starts by believing that we have what it takes to make a difference!

Performed by Emree Franklin  

Produced by Pablo Stennett


What's New on Exhibit this Season?

Live For Today!

 by David Alter

This song: Live For Today reminds the world's people of why its so important to love oneself and find the joy of living and seize the day.  The song beckons us to be in our "now" moment.

Website: http://davidaltermusic.com/


This song exemplifies an artist desire to help people understand that despite the traumas or devastating matter that we can experience in life, we can move beyond it, illuminate our own light and ultimately increase self-esteem.

I'm Good Enough!

by Dr. K's Music Therapy-

Ur2.Global Founder. This song is the theme song for the Ur2.Global Project. Over the years of being a psychotherapist Dr. Kemp noticed that so many of her clients and audiences did not feel they were "good enough" mothers, daughters, sons, employees, or even good enough for God. So this song was written to remind mankind of their inherent right to bask in self-esteem!

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 The Human Compass

Nyle and Peta - Dancing with the Stars

What is Music without DANCE?

A Dance Tribute To Those Hearing Challenged. 

Prepare to cry! Nyle and Peta's dance showed how (Nyle) a dancer who has a hearing challenge was able to demonstrate so beautifully the UR2.Global philosophy that "you are too" able to do anything that you want with faith and belief that you can. This dance will evoke tears of rejoicing in the human spirit! A sheer joy to watch!  Some people fear that dancing makes them less spiritual but we believe it helps you to tap into your most sacred self as a vibrational being!                Visit: Dancing With the Stars!


by Lady Gaga!

This song and music video reinforces 

"Sacretherapy (pronounced sacred-therapy)

in that we agree that the

Creator does NOT make mistakes -

you were born this way!

Visit her website: LadyGaga.com


By Dr. K's Music Therapy

aka Dr. Amelia Kemp

Healing the Self-Esteem of Female Genital Mutilation Survivors.

Dedicated to Global Woman Peace Foundation and all Survivors of FGM. Sometimes people's self-esteem is greatly affected by 

how they view their body-temples. This music video

is a psycho-spiritual and psycho-educational video

to end the ritual of hurting women's sexuality

when its a God-given gift intact!

Click Here to read full Press Release: Leave Me Be!

Evolving Out Loud

​by Kristin Hoffmann

Written and Performed by Kristin Hoffmann inspires one to give oneself permission to evolve and be your unique self.

Kristin Hoffmann.com

Written and Performed by Kristin Hoffmann inspires one to follow one's inner compass and trust oneself - the epitome of esteem!

Kristin Hoffmann.com Website



This entry is a wonderful song by Zippity2Dads

 This song truly reinforces the theme of UR2.Global that we ALL matter and brings the point home for kids of all ages 

in a wonderfully powerful way!

Click here for Zippity2Dads website.

Music has long been the cornerstone of meditation. This meditation has soothing music with messages regarding self-esteem for use during sleep with subliminal recalibration of your natural God-given esteem and confidence in yourself. 

Visit website: PowerThoughts.com

  • You Matter - Zippity2Dads3:32

As an ARTS media, we welcome, exhibit and  offer positive reviews for Amateur and Professional Artists uplifting mankind ! So remember, famous artists are wonderful and UR2!

​We  are  also  seeking original music that must be about uplifting self-esteem, self-love, & self-confidence! To Showcase Your Music or Artform Click "Submissions" Above.

This short music video by Frank Gregoria - a biology teacher gives us a broader view of why we as the human species can feel good about ourselves in relation to our connection with other species that seem to have no difficulty feeling their self-worth. He asks wonderful questions about what characteristics we all possess. "I have found these videos a great way to capture student interest immediately." Click here for Frank Gregoria

Sacred America

Performed by Kristin Hoffmann


Lauryn Hill

The lyrics in this song have stood the test of time and are a beautiful example of  helping mankind understand our motto:

(you are too - UR2) important, special and ALREADY

 "good enough" - and as Lauryn conveys:

with no need for pretense,

no need for judgment of ourselves or each other!

Visit Website: LaurynHill.com

Project of The Sacretherapy Institute, Inc.

A 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Not-for-Profit Organization


by Kim Karrington Cartwright

This song and music video by Kim Karrington Cartwright inspires through compelling lyrics and her photography about how we are all one, and how our self-esteem is not about how we look, or the color of our skin, or any external attributes but is based on who we are at our core.

Please visit: KimKarringtonCartwright.com

  • Journey to Me4:06