UR2.Global is a not-for-profit  501 C 3 Tax Exempt Organization.

Our mission, Ur2.Global, is a project of The Sacretherapy Institute, Inc., - a not-for-profit 501 C3 organization. The project was created to assist in uplifting the global self-esteem of the world's people via the performing arts, music therapies, psychodrama, literary arts, visual arts, and humanities. Self-esteem is how one feels about themselves at their core, their value, and self-worth which we believe is tied to spirit and fosters inner-peace. And likewise, we believe when inner-peace is accomplished, world peace is achieved! 

As such, we are a global grassroots psycho-spiritual / psycho-social ARTS media.  Our president has been a psychotherapist for two decades and noticed that at the core of most mental and emotional issues lies a lack of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love. So it is our honor to create arts projects that help to heal and uplift this issue by sharing this humanitarian effort on a global scale.  All souls need support!! With a support system we can collectively move mountains!

Currently, we have UR2.Global Community Board Liaisons on six continents, 13 countries, and 34 cities. The project has had over one million (1,000,000) media impressions, spreading the message that UR2 - meaning "you are too" a divine important wonderful spirit that is equal to every other soul on the planet since many think that only the famous or rich are valuable and significant in a celebrity-crazed world society, but we believe "UR2"! (For More information about our organization and founders click here or to view our Artist-in-Residence click here).

Your donations, overall, will help us to further our mission. Our mission is carried out through our projects that utilize our artists-in-residence to uplift the world. And we truly thank you in advance for assisting our fundraising efforts for this humanitarian cause.


We showcase over 100 entries each season on the UR2.Global site that uplift the self-esteem of humanity including entries for our: H.U.G.S. Outreach Programto uplift mental health and those in institutions of despair; It's Not Too Late - women 45+; Our Youth Project for Students called: UR2-4real; and Unlocked Spirit - prison ministry; and completed the global in-house projects for self-esteem building and unifying mankind below:

2020 Projects: 

Our 2020 projects included:

a) God You See This Right(For Soothing the Covid Pandemic)

b) Liberated To Be ME (Healing Racial Relations)

c) For the People-Healing Our Nation (Uniting Political Parties                                                        

Past Projects:

   1) Self-Esteem project for UR2.Global's "I'm Good Enough!" -

       Theme Project." So many people feel that they are not  good enough parents, not good enough workers, not good                     enough friends, not good enough kids, etc., and so this  music video was produced to send a resounding message  they               we are ALL in fact "good enough!" The music video has  had over 400,000 impressions.

   2)  Veterans and Soldiers - World Peace Starts At Home! 

This song and music video was released on Memorial Day, as we made a declaration to make war an unnecessary choice, offering non-violent choices that uplift the self-esteem of humanity. War may not cease in our lifetime but it "IS" possible to live harmoniously with our other souls in the world, by just understanding that "World Peace Starts At Home" and begins within!  We understand that war is a part of the choices that come with the variety and contrast of life.  However, it is our contention that we can honor our right to choose from the variety of life by honoring the premise to "live and let live" where we understand that our choices do not harm and infringe on the rights of others. We see war, as a purposeful act and choice that dishonors the rights of another. We believe our differences can be solved in peaceful terms that honor the dignity and life-force of all beings and preserves the mental and emotional well-being of mankind. As a psychotherapist, having treated veterans for PTSD, it is Dr. Kemp's heart-felt honor to thank them for their service in this Special Music Video titled: World Peace Starts At Home! 

   3) Self-esteem project "Leave Me Be!" for Global Woman

      Peace Foundation to heal FGM/C

      Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting practiced in 30 African nations as well as  those affected in the U.S. This psycho-                  spiritual and psycho- educational video is to assist in transcending the perception of a woman's value and worth to her              brain, heart, and spirit versus her sexual anatomy. Fifty-percent of the song's donations go to covering the cost for the              corrective  surgeries of the survivors of FGM/C. 

  4)  Self-esteem project: "If It's My Last" for The World Hospice

       Organization's World Hospice Day

       Assisting souls in transitioning back to the Creator, created for all Hospice Centers Worldwide, believing that how a                   person feels about themselves at the end of their physical journey is just as important as it is throughout their lives.                 Received over 137,500 impressions. 

  5) A self-esteem project: If We Could Just Be Still!​ 

          Dedicated to the United Nations NGO's who tirelessly offer their services to promote upliftment to mankind, honoring the

          beauty of individualism, diversity of thought and cultural tolerance hoping to instill how inner-peace leads to world


  6) Self-esteem project: GAIA- The Mountain Calls -

      A Partnership Fundraiser with Gandhi's BE Magazine that took place in Machu Picchu, Peru, in 2017. Our annual 

            theme: "When Inner-Peace Is Accomplished World Peace Is Achieved" was utilized that year to honor the sacred

            geometry of mother earth/GAIA and the sacredness of humanity that is described within the song created for the

            inner-peace/world peace project.

​ 7)  Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief - Is It A Protest or Prayer?

​      UR2.Global contributed to "Healers for Harvey" music project as a fundraiser for Hurricane relief. During the

           same the same year in 2017 Ur2.Global also made a donation to Puerto Rico for relief from Hurricane Maria

           for medical​ supplies to heal the wounded.

8)   Self-Esteem Project for Breast Cancer Survivors -

      Bosom Buddies

      This song was created as a fundraiser for  the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Awareness  Month! This song                         honors Breast Cancer Survivors to re-instill their self-esteem despite their physical body changes. The

             song was also written to encourage women to get their regular breast exams. 

​We thank you most kindly for support and your donations. 

Thank you!

Our donations to the Gandhi India COVID Relief Fund is complete. Goal Reached as of May 14, 2021.  

We are now once again accepting donations to support UR2.Global's ongoing humanitarian artist projects.

We thank everyone for the love sent for this music project last year.  The pandemic is far from over so If you missed it:

                    CLICK HERE TO  WATCH MUSIC VIDEO


Thank you for your support!!

All donations are tax-deductible.